My Lovely Behati baby arrived tonight! finally!

  1. ok so it is NOT the top of the line MJ but 'TO ME' this is the one I FIRST was drawn to....the one i have been trying to get on sale since i first saw a marc jacobs (mbmj) the one that made me ignore my guccis...

    and after searching for it on sale and even having bloomies cancel twice lol i finally got it thanks to a LOVELY LADY here on tpf!!! thank you so much honey!
    and i saved over 100 was 498 and 450 and i got it with shipping and all for 353...

    NOW,,,DOES ANYONE HERE HAVE ONE??? IT IS SO BIG!!! WOW,,,,,ohmygosh when the package came i thought it was so huge had no idea it was the bag! this bag is BIG!!!
    but i travel a lot! so welcome to my new carry on! i will wear it every time i can on a plane and use it for my pillow and maybe even get it it's own seat....NEVER in the overhead this one will be on my lap or next to me on the seat with a blanket hiding it! lolol

    just kidding sort of ...
    even though it is just mbmj it was THE ONE that i was wanting so much that kept getting away from me!

    ok here is one from MINE only had a second to take pic (got to work early)

    NO that's not me that's from the online pix lol

    Soft pebble-grained leather
    Logo-engraved aged brass hardware
    Contrast topstitching
    Rolled leather handles; 6" drop
    Large front flat pocket with magnetic snap closure; oversized logo-engraved metal disc appliqué and pintucked pleats decorate pocket
    Zip top with long, leather pull tabs
    Striped textile lining
    Interior cell phone pocket, patch pocket, and leather-trimmed zip pocket
    Protective metal feet
    14.5"x 15"x 4"

    the color is NICE TAN ...anyone know accessories in that color? my chickory wallet is way different in color...
    more fun my small matching satchel will look great with it's huge big brother! (yes i named him marc) i have lost my mind:hysteric::yahoo:
  2. She's beautiful! I didn't realize how big she was, either! :p You can smuggle children in that thing!

    She'll be great for traveling, too. Congrats!
  3. I'm so happy you got the bag you wanted. Its really big, but I think its adorable. The leather looks soft. Congrats!
  4. That close-up of the leather is delicious! Congrats!!
  5. I've been eyeing this one forever! I'm so happy for you! Now I realllllly want one! Haha.Congrats - he's a keeper :heart:
  6. Congrats, its lovely! :heart:
  7. Congrats on your new bag!
  8. lovely bag...but that model looks so depressed!!!
  9. love the color of the leather :smile: congrats!
  10. HE! yes! ok so you MUST get one!
  11. Congrats! The leather looks so divine in your pic!
  12. I agree with you "jun3machina"! If I had this bag I would be very, very happy! hehehe.
  13. i'm so glad you're happy with your bag after missing out on it at bloomingdale's. i bet it looks great on you. congrats again!
  14. LOVELY GIRL:angel:! i hope you don't mind me saying that it was all thanks to you!
    and would you believe they are now SOLD OUT!? i must have bought the LAST ONE!
    soooo happy!!!

    thanks a million

    i just got a zip clutch to match it on line....(wallet size) :yahoo::wlae:

    now we have to locate one for FEW823
  15. Gingarita, I love your Lovely Behati!! It does look like a big ol' bag but it sounds like you have figured out that it will make the perfect carry on!! I love the nice tan color and the leather is so soft and smushy!! (I have a lovely aline in nice tan) You will enjoy it for years to come!! I hope you can find a matching wallet!! Congrats and enjoy it!!:tup: