My Lovely "Babies"


Jan 17, 2013
Gosh it seemed like forever for that newbie 5 day ban to be lifted! Now I can share my growing collection with you all! I don't think my collection is nowhere near as eclectic as others I've seen on here, I'm still working my way up and while I used to have some Chanel, Dior, and a D&G, I had to part ways with them (along with some other Gucci and LV) because they just didn't fit in with my style anymore (plus I think I had them just to say I had a bag by those designers, thought I don't think I ever really loved them). I've worked in the automotive industry for almost three years and when I had an office job I could dress up and use a different bag every day but now that I'm moving up in my position and work out on the service drive, I've had to base my collection on what's practical and what can easily be hidden away in my file cabinet without getting bent out of shape. I love slouchy bags and if there is structure to them then they still must be soft and "huggable" while maintaining the structure. And as you'll see I tend to find a style I love and get it in different colors. Hopefully as I and my paycheck move up in the world, my handbag collection will as well.
So without further ado, here is my modest collection, awaiting the welcome of a new Gucci this weekend which I'll post photos of. :smile: Enjoy!

My ever growing Michael Kors (a little obsessed maybe):

My Prada duo:

My lovely Louis:

Coach, though highly considering selling the hobo:

The ever dependable Juicy:

RED Valentino:

Feb 1, 2013
Oh i love your collection!! Im hoping to add some MK to my collection please could u tell me the name on the white hobo and the tan bag in the first pic :smile:


Feb 12, 2013
Ohh..nice. Interested in a pink metallic MK Astor with pink rhinestones? lol It's just not 'me'.
MK is a 'gateway' bag to big