My lovelies

  1. My current collection, missing my juicy laptop bag and LV partition. Other cute matching items missing are my novacheck burberry scarves, umbrella, and sandals
    Missing my juicy laptop case, shown below
    Any my partition, shown below on the left
    How I house my bags lol:

    Some of my old friends that I miss dearly

    I need to stop selling my bags - because even though I think I may not like them at the time, down the line I miss them terribly!!! :sad:
  2. bump
  3. I've seen these before{?} Is this a duplicate possibly?
  4. so many lv's...awesome collection
  5. Q is pretty active on LJ handbags communites and runs (right?) LVLU, if you visit any of those forums, you may have seen her stuff there!
  6. LOVE IT!!!:love: Your kitty is SO cute!!!
  7. Love the Cerise Cles!! It really pops!
  8. ^^ no, I'm not on any of those forums. . . hmmm {?}
  9. aaaah! It was in the Speedy thread! I KNEW I recognized at least one of those photos!! LOL!
    Sorry, carry on!
  10. I love your collection and white cat. How do you like your damier alma?? I am thinking to get it instead of speedy.
  11. Love your collection ... especially the black MC trouville! I love seeing that bag in pics!
  12. :heart: Beautiful:heart:
  13. Your collection is fabulous!
  14. kitty and damier!!! sooo cute.

    what is the bag in the first photo of the bags you've sold, it looks like a square small clutch with a pocket on the front. I love it.
  15. awesome collection. kudos to u!