My Lovebirds Are Laying Eggs!!

  1. Yesterday I came into work and there was an egg just laying in the bottom of the cage. They had a nesting box but they kept eating the rubber bands that were holding it onto the cage so I had taken it out awhile back. So I put the box back in the cage and used a kleenex to put the egg in the box. This morning I cam in and there are two eggs!! :nuts: From what reading I've done so far it seems as though they will lay about four to six eggs and they lay each egg about every other day. These are the first eggs they've ever laid. I'm excited!!:biggrin:
  2. Oh how exciting!! I hope they all hatch that would be so cool :biggrin: Please keep us updated!
  3. So exciting! Post pics, buzzy!
  4. This was from yesterday when I got to work:


    And then this was when I came in today:

  5. thats adorable....keep this thread alive thru the process :smile: so cool
  6. They should take about 23 - 28 days to hatch so hopefully around Thanksgiving I will have pics of baby birds!
  7. I love lovebirds, they're so cute how they're all colorful and round (i love round animals hehe) and sit next to each other all the time.

    Yes, take pictures when they're hatched and take pictures of the parents!
  8. Ooh, how exciting! My parents had lovebirds before I was born, and they laid eggs and had babies too! Keep us updated...
  9. I think she's actually getting ready to lay another one right now. Her butt was moving kinda funny - like she was pooping but nothing was coming out. I am going to leave a few minutes early so she can have some privacy. :biggrin: Hopefully there will be another eggie waiting for me tomorrow!
  10. Are they male/female? I had parakeets that laid eggs and had babies, but I've also had single female birds that laid eggs too. Unless they are fertilized they won't hatch, but will just have a yolk inside.
  11. aw cute! It's very exciting isnt it? My lovies used to lay eggs too, but both birds were female. Their infertile eggs were pretty much just calcium I was told, so we let them sit on the egg until they laid a new one, and then disposed of the previous egg.
    Also when they're laying eggs, fertile or not, birds use a LOT of calcium in the process, so drop a Tums in their water to help them keep up their calcium :biggrin:
    Keep us posted!
  12. Apparently the only way to tell with lovebirds is to have them DNA sexed so honestly I have no idea. I inherited them with the job and I'm sure they were just purchased from the local pet store.

    Corinne thanks for the tip about the Tums. I knew they needed more calcium but didn't realize I could do that!
  13. Awww lookie the wittle eggy weggy! So CUTE!

    Keep 'em coming, buzzy! Hope you'll have yourself a bunch of teeny lovebirds soon!
  14. No new eggs this morning and Mama Bird is not sitting on them. I am not sure if that means she is just taking a break and there are still more to come or if she just doesn't know she's a Mama Bird and what that entails. She's still been in and out of the box so I think she's got at least half a clue what's going on.
  15. This is so cool!! :popcorn: