My love of Coach rubbing off on my BF?

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  1. My BF and I were walking through the mall other night, when suddenly he stops and says, "Is that girl wearing Coach shorts?". The thought of someone wearing signature Cs on their rear made me giggle a little. So I look over and there was this chick wearing shorts that looked like the Coach Tattersall design! My BF saw the colors and design of her shorts and associated it with Coach. I am so proud ;)
  2. Awesome...
  3. LOL how cute!
  4. Hehe, that's hilarious!!! He's such a good boyfriend! =) :heart:
  5. Hehe...that's so funny.

    Since my boyfriend's been with me, I've been teaching him how to spot real Coach purses from fakes, and now it almost comes naturally to him. We'll be on a bus, he'll whisper to me, "Looks fake."...and I get a kick out of it. And when we were in the boutique just a few days ago, he commented (out of the blue without my prompting) on the tattersall bag. He actually knew the name of the pattern! I was so impressed and thought to myself, "I'm so good." Hehehe...
  6. trained him well! i love the tattersall print :smile:
    yes i think it's rubbing off on your bf. it's a healthy love too so don't be worried. you guys will be best of coach friends hehe
  7. Haha, that's awesome!
  8. my bf likes to point out fake bags lol
  9. My DH is getting really good at spotting fakes, too! Sometimes I have to give him the elbow in the ribs 'cause he gets to laughing so hard when he spots a 'Goach". LOL - he's a trip, but isn't it nice when they jump on the bandwagon with you?