My Love Me arrived today!!!!

  1. WOW, that's about all I can say about this gorgeous handbag. I"m so happy that I listened to everyone on this forum and took the plunge. I adore the Love Me in black crash. It's everything that you could want in a black everyday handbag and more......

    And what incredible customer service Jackie provides. I'm a customer for life.

    Now, I'm just curious, what wallet does everyone use for their BE handbags? I"m thinking of the Angel Purse, which color do you think would look pretty with the black crash , the silver or the black. I like them both.

    I'm wondering too if Jackie might come out with new crash leather wallets for 08, how nice would that be?

    Also, if you can believe, I'm already looking at another BE handbag purchase, maybe for the big January sale.

    Thoughts anyone on other handbags like the Stroke, Charm or Indulge me? The petrol and wine colors look amazing. Oh my!!!!
  2. Yay! I'm glad you love it - congrats!

    As for the other bags, I don't own any others in addition to the Love Me, but I think an Indulge Me may make an appearance one day ;)!
  3. Thanks! I"m glad to hear that you are enjoying your love me too. Which color did you go with? I can't believe how all the colors are just gorgeous. It's impossible to go wrong.

    I am loving the indulge and stroke me, maybe hoping to catch one on sale in January.

    And are you ready for this one..... I love the Love me so much in the black crash that I"m seriously considering getting the other color that I was thinking about, the pewter. Do you think that's too much, getting the same bag twice? I just love everything about it, it's the perfect handbag for me.
  4. lovebags2, where did you order the bag from? Directly from BE? Are you in London as well?

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the bag!!
  5. Congrats and enjoy. I have a black crash Love Me, as well. See my thread about my Love Me hitting the streets of New York. FYI: I also have the Stroke Me in matte chocolate -- which I love. And a matte white Clutch Me, which I adore. That's it for me, for awhile. Three bags I'll use forever. I do wish my black crash Love Me weighed a little less, I must admit. The Stroke Me is very very light. The Clutch Me is a dream. More anon!
  6. lovebags2, I have the Love Me in dark grey. I went back and forth for a long time, but I thought that since this bag was an investment (certainly one for me!), I needed something that could go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe....the black crash was a very close second, but I was a little chicken to go that route at that price point.

    I could see getting more than one color of a style that works for you. If you can, go for it! :yes: It's not often that form and functionality come together so well - especially when it comes to handbags!
  7. I bought it directly from BE. I couldn't believe how fast it came, only two days. Wow.

    That's good to know for my next BE purchase!!!

    What do you think of the Stroke Me as compared to the Love Me? Do you have the large or medium size?

    I can easily see a Stroke Me in my future. I love the chocolate color (like you have) or the wine. Probably end up with the chocolate.

    Now, I just need to decide if I should get another Love me but in the Pewter or try the Stroke me instead and which size.

    I have to say, these type of life decisions are fun to chat about with you gals!!!!!
  8. Audball67, Yes, I loved the dark grey too actually and considered it for awhile there.

    I think many of us had a challenge in finalizing our color selection with this designer. I usually don't have this problem. I think that's definetely a sign this is one super handbag that looks just gorgeous in every color.

    I can't believe that I"m really considering a second Love Me. It's not like they are what I would call inexpensive. But, I'm trying to justify this by maybe catching the pewter on the sale? My luck, that will the color already sold out.

    I"m so excited to see how this bag looks in a few months!!!!
  9. lovebags2, will you post modeling pictures for us please? I am considering this bag BUT the price is keeping me away. I need to review the return policy.

    Also, I thought she was sold out of the black crash?
  10. I would love to post pics for you, but, I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Sorry. When I have a minute, maybe I'll have my husband do it for me.....

    This bag is just stunning. I was very nervous about buying this bag like you especially since I wasn't able to try it on first. This was the only occasion I ever made a purchase like that.

    Jackie was incredible. She must have stayed on the phone with me for an hour just trying to help pick the perfect color. I kept going back and forth between the pewter, black crash, petrol and even the dark grey. Oh yeah, the wine too.

    If you like the black crash, I just purchased mine from her. I know Muse Ten will be getting more in December or you can email Jackie.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions, I'd love to help.

    You might try doing a search under Belen and I know there are a couple posters that have modeling pictures, one in the pewter and the other in black crash.
  11. Thanks lovebags2!
  12. I've been admiring these bags for some time now, and am hoping to purchase my first one in January with the sale. I think that they are beautiful and functional. I just hope that the Indulge Me or Stroke Me is included in the sale!
  13. Your welcome.

    Yes, I hear you, the sale makes me a little nervous too. I just hope we have a good selection and that everyone gets the handbag they want. We're all certainly being patient enough.

    As much as I do love BE, from here on , I want to just wait for the sales whenever possible. I think we'd all feel better that way!!!!
  14. lovebags2, I'd love to hear your review after you have used the bag for a couple of weeks :smile:
  15. Congrats!! I just love my Love Me, too.
    The Angel Purse isn't really a wallet, it's a make-up bag. I've one in purple and it's so soft and nice but I wouldn't recommend it as a wallet. I'll post pics of the inside later so you can see how it's divided.