My love/hate relationship with my clothes!

  1. Maybe I'm the only with this dilemma but after just two or three wears of certain clothing it starts looking old and tatered. You know, like getting those little tiny balls on them. Which really annoys me because then it's like do I just wear them once in a while or buy more than one of that particular item. Since I'm not rich and can't spend a fortune on my wardrobe I find this to be a very annoying predicament.

    For example, I just bought this really cute 3/4 sleeve cardigan type sweater from Abercrombie and after just 3 wears it's starting to stretch out and look old (sigh). Eh, whatever. I refuse to limit my wear time with them because then it almost defeats the purpose of buying clothes - to wear them. Sheesh! Sorry just had to vent :wtf: phew, ok feel slightly better. NOT!

    I just looked down at the sweats I'm wearing and they've only been washed once and they already look yuck. Therein lies another dilemma...washing clothes. Why is it that when I buy something new it fits and looks amazing the once it's washed it's never the same piece of clothing. Argh :cursing:
  2. Most of the pilling or stretching out of fabrics is due to the fabric being a blend. Blends are generally cheaper than pure wool or cashmere, for example. They just don't hold up as well.

    Another factor might be washing of the clothes. I stick with a gentle cycle, cold water with liquid detergent, for everything except for dry cleaning.
  3. Hi, I am not sure where you live, but when I lived in Dallas, second-hand shops (consignment stores), were great for me. I could buy cashmere for anywhere between $20-$70, and higher end clothes for the same as I would spend on an item at the Gap. So if you want your clothes to be an investment, as opposed to something you wear a few times, and get rid of...I recommend shopping second-hand, so you can get more for your $$$.
    Also, wash carefully...I rarely use the dryer, and always wash in cold water, inside out.
  4. ^^^ I have the same problems with my clothes! Thanks for posting such helpful suggestions!
  5. pursegrrl-Thank you for the helpful info! I will definitely pay more attention to the labels.
    annemerrick-I may have to start trying that as right now I don't think I'm getting my "bang for my buck."
    lisaG719-Thank you! I am not alone!
  6. what do you without a dryer? just let them hang dry?
  7. I have had these same problems over the years too and it drove me insane!

    I always wash on the gentle cycle and NEVER use a dryer only the clothesline.

    I recomment looking for pure blends in jumpers i.e. pure wool and cashmere because they do pill a lot less.

    However I do the opposite for t-shirts and tanks. I will only buy viscose-elastic or polyester-cotton blends because it is the cotton that pills and the cotton that stretches out of shape. Man-made fabric blends tend to hold their shape better.
  8. ^Forgot to add, I HATE cardigans because they always, always, always go shapeless after 1 week. I do not own any now.

    Instead I will look for lightweight, unlined blazers (Ralph Lauren) because they stay structured and don't get long arms/back hem riding up/wavy collar etc.!!
  9. When you line dry doesn't it make the clothes hard and dull looking?
  10. Huh. I didn't know that!

    I know what you mean. I've got a 100% cashmere Juicy sweater that I'm terrified of wearing.

    Perhaps have one set of "dick around" clothes, and then one set of really nice clothes?
  11. Yah many clothing after 1 - 2 wash looks completely old and yucky. Try hand wash?
    Putting your clothes in the dryer is super damaging too. (I do it anyways but I think to keep the life of your clothes to its max. handwash and be delicate!

  12. Wear your Juicy sweater and enjoy it....cashmere holds up so well. And when it pills, which it will....either take it to the dry cleaner and have them de-pill it, or buy a sweater brick (I got mine at the dry cleaners) is the best thing I have ever used to de-pill sweaters.
  13. what's a sweater brick?
  14. [​IMG]

    I bought mine at my dry cleaners...the best thing that I have EVER used to remove pilling. You can also google sweater brick to find a place to buy...I believe!!