My Love Has Faded

  1. Hello Ladies!:smile:

    A few years ago I was in love with LV, my love has faded. I've moved on to Chanel and a couple other designers. Your taste changes as your income rises, and I'm sure many of you can relate. Here's the order of my handbag/accessories progression: Coach, Gucci, Fendi, LV.

    My LV

    Monogram Canvas Bucket
    Monogram Canvas Drouot
    Monogram Canvas Zipped Wallet
    M Monogram Canvas Checkbook Holderonogram Canvas Six-Key Holder
    Monogram Canvas Pochette Cosmétique
    Monogram Canvas Passport Cover
    Monogram Canvas Eyeglass Case

    Monogram Canvas Garment Bag
    Monogram Canvas Pégase 70
    Monogram Canvas Keepall 55 with Shoulder Strap
    Monogram Canvas Pégase 50
  2. hmmm k...

  3. I guess that would make you richer than movie stars and royalty, all of whom prefer Louis Vuitton. :lol:
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  6. Well, if it's not too cheap for you, you could try other lines. I mean, there is a lot of monogram canvas in that list. Maybe go for Suhali, or Olympe, or some other limited bags that may be to your liking.
  7. :s awkward :smash:
  8. This forum is for LV LOVERS!!
    Sorry your interest in LV has faded....
    I don't think you'll get alot of replies in your favor.....

    Good luck with Hermes, Chanel etc. etc

    I will always LVOE my LV....
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    No better way to differentiate yourself from the pack.
  10. Agreed! :tup:
  11. ^also agreed.
  12. I agree get a Suhali Le Fabuleux they are around $4,300 I believe, or if that still is not expensive enough for you then you can move to Limited Edition which can go from $2,000-$46,000! LE LV's are hard to come by and some are highly sought after. The reason that the LV was "cheaper" in your case is because almost every piece in your collection is monogram (as someone said earlier). Canvas (a coated fabric) will always be cheaper than leather. The monogram (this includes Damier and Multicolor) is entry level LV so to speak (it is more resonably priced than all the other lines, because it's not leather). Most Chanel bags are made of leather, therefore you get a price difference from all the LV MONOGRAM that you own! Chanel's ok in my opinion (its a little "mature" and boring for me) I have seen one bag that I like so far...

    ***PS-take a look at the new Limited Edition LV Motard Biker bag its priced at $4,050 USD and its beautiful! Oh but thats only for the leather one, if you want to spend more then get the Motard Biker with alligator trim its around $13,500 USD!
  13. i'm confused:confused1:
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  15. shallow obsessing strongly encouraged is the motto here.

    who is anyone to put anyone else down.

    she has stated she has a large collection, and is getting over it.

    no one here can say, "hey, thats happened to me, but i always go back. just put them away for a while." or something supportive to that effect.