My love cat

  1. Oh she´s cute! But you must clean her eyes though. Persian kitties eyes bleed a lot hence cleaned a lot.
  2. what a cutie :heart:

    how come all cats love boxes?!
  3. I have no idea, it´s so weird:lol:
  4. omg -- sooo cute! She's a fashionable kitty. Post her in anamilicious too so all the animal lovers can see her:smile:
  5. How old is your precious baby? She looks like a little kitten! A beautiful little kitten!
  6. Very cute kitty! You must be a proud parent. I love Persians. But with Persians, you have to make sure you brush them often and clean their eyes.
  7. Such a cute kitty! My kitties LOVE boxes too! Try putting some tissue paper in the box....they love that!
  8. Ahhh, cute! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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