My LOVE bracelet is bent - advise please...

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  1. Hi everyone,
    My love bracelet where the two halves screw together looks bent. When the screw is tightened there is a small gap between the two halves. I have had the bracelet for 1.5 years and never taken it off. I have taken it to Cartier and they have sent it off to their repair center and have come back to me and said I have banged the bracelet which has caused this defect. Obviously I have banged the bracelet at various times as would happen when wearing a bangle 24/7 but this shouldn't happen.

    Advise please?

    I should add Cartier has said if I wish to proceed with repair I must pay the cost AND have the bracelet polished. I do not want the bracelet polished but they then said they cant proceed with the repair as polishing is a part of the repair. Love Bracelet.jpg
  2. 294B2980-48CB-4A64-B905-C1FA379B3F44.jpeg Hmm that’s a pretty noticeable gap.. if it bothers you, Ithink you should have it repaired even if it means having to get it polished.. no choice I guess, it’ll be worth it.

    I’ve had mine for a month and the screws kept getting loose almost every other day! It was so disheartening. And I told the SA I’m not putting glue on a 7k bracelet that’s ridiculous. So they’re fixing it and they also HAVE to polish it, even if I kinda wanted to wait awhile for a polish but oh well, no choice..
  3. Thanks for you reply. My bracelet also has the screws getting loose almost every other day. I did speak to them about this and they said this is normal as the bracelet moves around and this is bound to happen. I check mine EVERY day as I am so paranoid about the bracelet falling off. Yes the gap definitely bothers me and you are right - no choice about the polishing :sad:

    What did they advise about the loose screws?
  4. The SA advised against putting any glue that seems to be rampant, and I agree, why the hell would I need glue for something that should be made well enough to cost me 7k. She also agreed screws getting loose for no reason isn’t normal. That’s why they’re replacing the screws, and calibrating the screw threads. In my opinion Ithink maybe they sold me the one that people try on often. not entirely sure but just a gut feeling.
  5. Purple Loctite 222 is what a lot of my friends use on the threads of their screws. If you have your bracelet polished, you’ll lose a bit of the gold. Just personal preference, but I think the patina on the bracelet looks better than having it polished with rounded edges.
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  6. May I ask what did you do that caused the bracelet to bend like this? I thought 18K gold is hard to be bended.
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  8. I honestly have no idea. I do not recall banging my bracelet in any way that could cause this damage. It was the shape of a squashed egg when compared with the original shape.
    I have since had it repaired by Cartier and it is back to new.

  9. I also love the patina unfortunately for my bracelet to be repaired it had to also be polished. The edges are still square after polishing and not rounded.
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  10. Oh no! I'm sorry that happened! Hopefully Cartier can fix your bracelet. When it comes to the screws, thankfully I have a newer Love that has the new screw system. I haven't had any issues with them loosening even when I stack it with other bracelets like the JUC or my Hermes Clic Clac. I think Cartier knows that it is a design flaw in the old screw system and just brushes people off with that issue because there's nothing they can do (or want to do.) IMO, screw them, LOL! If you pay just over $6,000 for a bracelet they should definitely have a solution other than putting Loctite on the thread of that expensive of a purchase.