My Love Boat has docked!

  1. :yahoo: She's beautiful! I love the color. It's going to be fab for summer. It's bigger than I expected which IMO is a good thing! I love big bags and I usually have a lot of stuff to put in them. This is roughly the same size as my Paige which will probably become my new standard.

    Leather is nice, not quite up to a Kooba but nice for the price. The top opens easily and is nice and wide, good pockets on the inside and the lining is a light color, which I like because it's easier to see inside the bag. The handles are very cool. They have details that I hadn't noticed in the pictures. and I love the drawstrings at the sides. I think it's a lovely bag for what I paid.

    I'm giving it a big Thumbs Up!

    Now I'm definitely forced to follow my Purse Plan until the end of the year. That means ONE more bag between now and December.

    Right now I'm thinking Kooba Sydney, but we'll have to see what they come out with for Fall '07 before I commit.
  2. Hey good for you! I'm glad you like it too. I posted on the handbag forum that I had mine out w/me in the rain today, unintentionally, and it got wet. But it dried like a dream with NO treatment at all!

    Load it up with a puppy, your hubby's credit cards and have fun! :yahoo:
  3. Can we see some pics? I am really curious specially about the interior of the bag as the only Tano I've seen IRL was an old bag (don't know how old)

    Thanks! :smile:
  4. Hey Grace! Glad to hear it handled the rain well because that's always the big issue down here in swampland.

    I want that puppy in your avatar! What a cutie!

    Hubby just got his new and improved business CC the other day. I think I need to make sure it's working properly. :graucho:

    And thank heaven the UPS man rang the doorbell rather than just leave the boxes on the porch for DH to find when he gets home. Why bother him with stuff like this, you know? :sneaky:

    I had the Love Boat and 3 pairs of jeans from HSN sitting out there with MY name on them. hehehehe
  5. That's Bailey! She's the Queen of her Domain.

    Here's some LB pics:
    Loveboat1.jpg Loveboat2.jpg Loveboat3.jpg Loveboat4.jpg
  6. Very nice!! I love the color.

    what kind of material is the lining?
  7. It's a tough fabric that I can't name. There's nothing in the bag to tell me either. I could ask Tano Expert though?
  8. larsue is that the same color you got?!
  9. :crybaby: i want that bag!
  10. slush - Yes mine's the same color.

    On my computer two of the pictures look green and two look blue. Thanks for posting BTW, Grace. You take much better pics than I do. The bag is definitely a blue, like a sky blue or ocean blue. I think it's gorgeous. This is my first bag that's not black or brown. Maybe it'll start a new habit, like I need a new habit.

    I have to wait a couple of weeks before I use it. I just started carrying the Nicole last week.
  11. The color kind of changes depending upon the light it's in. Sometimes its greenish, sometimes its more blue. Very chameleon-like. :yes:
  12. Gorgeous Larsue!