My love affair with LV. It's ups and downs, and ups!:)

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  1. #1 Apr 3, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
    Hi guys!

    Thought I'd share this with you guys!
    A few months back I wrote here, how I had fallen out of love with the brand. After being a loyal, devoted collection to the brand for over 10 years, I had some really bad experiences with the brand last year. Bad quality, bad customer service, bad experiences. It was so bad. From being told it was normal that a new bag had wrinkled leather, to it being normal that it had pennarks, broken seams etc. I found myself wondering "what happened?" My beloved LV had turned bad like sour milk. To the point where I was fed up with the brand and branched out to Chanel instead, and sold off tons of my LV pieces.
    I even posted here asking you guys if you could please help me fall back in love with the brand.
    Anywhoo. I find myself 6 Chanel bags later, that I yet again feel my heart beating for LV. I was finally finally heard by LV Customer Care that my new wrinkled bag indeed was not supposed to have been sold to me in the shape it was in. They are currently replacing my Speedy 30B DE handles for me. For free of course. Just this gesture made me think that ok, I can give it another shot. And to be frank, just not having the bag in my collection made me miss the bag so much I realized I'm NOT over the brand. Now. I still won't buy a new bag right as of now, not untill I see one that I can't live without, BUT! This last week I have gone a little bananas. Yes dolls and dudes, I have found myself LOVING these new pieces I have ordered. PRELOVED. Wow. I got them all for under £820.
    Here are the items that have made my heart sing again. I can't wait to get them! Infact! I sold my Chanel mini and yet again, LV and I are about to rehash our old fling! I'm in LOVE!!! Can't wait to do a from the web to reality reveal for you all! Here they are! And my Speedy will be ready for pick up in a few weeks:smile: yessss
    Thanks for letting me share!!!❤️

    Cartouchière satchel crossbody
    Agenda PM Pomme D'amour Vernis
    Anaïs wallet monogram
    Speedy 30 Monogram

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  2. Can't wait... Look how beautiful the Cartouchière is!!!
    And the best part: it has cross grain leather lining with two separated compartments! Yessss!

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  3. They look wonderful! Congratulations!!
  4. Thank you so much!! Seriously. I can't wait!!! So excited about them. And oh does my heart sing for LV again❤️❤️
  5. Lovely...and that PM vernis agenda is gorgeous!!
  6. It will be my first Pomme D'amour ever! Had the Roxbury drive in amarante, and sold it. I do love the LV vernis. Really nice leather! Very happy and can't wait! Thanks for letting me share my story!
  7. Does anyone in here own the Cartouchière by the way?
  8. No. I own the Juene Fille. I was ready to get rid of it but recently fell back in love with the crossbody style and the front buckle. Your bag is going to be so cute. Heyyyjune on You Tube has yours. She has some cute mod shots on Instagram.
  9. These vintage crossbody bags bags are so gorgeous. It's LV aaaall the way!
    Don't sell yours! It's gorg! :smile: Thanks! Looking forward to getting it! I'm so happy I'm back in LVoe!
  10. congrats on your gorgeous bags!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: So happy for you and I'm so glad everything is working out with your Speedy!
  11. Thank you dear LVMK:hugs:
    Yes, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you the update! It's in for replacement of the handles, after I first talked to customer care and then used that as back up when I went to see the after sales dept. at my Maison. Very exciting indeed!
    And thank you!! Can't wait go get these pieces! :cloud9:
  12. Welcome back and congrats on the lovely finds!! :smile:
  13. love everything! congrats on your haul and happy that you rekindle your LVoe!
  14. Thank you so much! LVoe is definitely in the air again. Aaaaaah. Oh Louis, oh Louis.. You fiiine

    Thank you! I feel like I scored big time and can not wait to open those packages! ❤️❤️❤️

    Thanks for letting me share my love story!

  15. I have a 1983 Mono Cartouchiere GM and I love it!!!
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