My Louis Vuitton Olympe & Prada Muff

  1. My Louis Vuitton Olympe which I :heart: and my Prada Muff bag.

    They only had pink left :push:, but for me it was better than nothing.
    miss nyc copy.jpg
  2. i think Pink muff is very cute....don't b sad ....both are so geogeous !
  3. They are both beauties! I actually like the pink, it makes it stand out & it's very girly, congrats! :tup:
  4. Love your LV
  5. Oh I love them!! The pink on the Prada is great. And the LV Olympe I adore! Let us know how you like them.
  6. thats beautiful
  7. Love it - that's one of my favourite LV bags ever.
  8. How cute. Love the pink muff.
  9. I Love your LV!!
  10. Love the LV!
    The Prada is a cute color, I like it.
  11. LOVE them both...the pink is so cute!
  12. Both are gorgeous...but gotta love your Pink prada muff bag!!
  13. Beautiful bag!!
  14. Love your LV
  15. Ooooo Prada muff ! It's sooo adorable, and I hardly ever see them around, except for when they first came out and I was steaming up the glass in front of Prada looking at them ! :graucho: