My Louis Vuitton luggage, Bags and Small Goods

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I just turned 18 on October 15th and am loving it. I thought it would be amazing to post almost all of my collection since I just got my prized Louis Vuitton item... the Porte Bequia Men's runway bag and would love to share it with all of you. I'll also include prices as well for refrence.

    Porte Document Geant - Monogram - $1,790
    - I saw this in a men's fashion magazine and asked my sales associate to get one for me. He got it right down to the color. He's amazing!

    Sirius 70 Suitcase - Monogram - $1,520
    - It's the cheapest suitcase, so I got it a couple of weeks ago and don't have to worry about it! Great for checking into an airport. Gets HEAVY though!

    Pegase 50 Suitcase - Monogram - $1,740
    - PERFECT. Able to carry onto an airplane. Perfect for overnighters... I love it!!

    Vintage Suitcase - Monogram - N/A
    - Great vintage item, it sits ontop of a table in my bedroom
    porte.JPG Sirius.JPG Pegase.JPG ne.jpg
  2. wow, love all your items !
  3. Sorry guys! I'm not the smartest at the computer... I had trouble loading the pictures.

    I deeply apologize!

    Keepall 55 - Monogram - $900

    Carryall - Monogram - $1050

    Noe - Damier Azur - $940

    Naviglio - Damier Azur - $915

    Mini Pochette - $215

    Still working on uploading more of my collection
    keepall.jpg Carryall.JPG marc 098.JPG Naviglio.JPG azur.JPG
  4. verry nice I like the PDG and the Sirus, are you a guy or a girl?
  5. ^ i wonder the same thing. Nice collection.
  6. Neverfull GM - $675 (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    Musette - Monogram - $960

    Soho - Damier Ebene - $1140

    Pochette - Monogram - $285

    Bastia - Shoes - $355
    Neverfull.JPG Musette.JPG Soho.JPG pochette.JPG Shoes.JPG

  7. Thanks for wondering. I'm a guy.
  8. wow, nice!
  9. Groom Cles - $210

    iPod Nano Case - $245

    6 Key Holder - $180

    The Birth of Modern luxury - $150 x2

    Than I'm missing some items and than I have other designers as well.

    I hope you guys enjoy - It's not as large as most of yours, but I love and treasure it!

    Thanks for viewing!!
    Groom.JPG Louis Vuitton 169.JPG ipod.JPG NEW 048.JPG
  10. wow, great collection for such a young age ... I'd love to see your collection a few years down the road ... they may need a room of their own if they don't already!
    congrats ... awesome stuff!
  11. very very nice :yes:. thanks for sharing.
  12. And I thought that was you in your avatar! :push:
  13. wow! love your collection. thanks for sharing all your goodies with us. i am so in love with your luggages.
  14. I just have one question. Who buys you this stuff? You are a really lucky boy. I have like 3 LV bags but nothing like what you've got. amazing gift.
  15. Well it is me in my avator now. :shame:
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