My Louis Vuitton Gift Guide!


Dec 17, 2012
Hello all! I've been off work today, but couldn't stop thinking about work! My job involves finding gifts for clients :biggrin: Because I come across loads of men and women who know their partners like LV but don't know what anything is or what to buy! And I've also heard (on a thread the other day) that a man went in not knowing the price of things and ended up in a rather embarrassing situation!
So without further or do, I present you with my Louis Vuitton gift guide! :biggrin:

Lets start low budget:

Anything from LV tends to please the keen fashionista, the brown bag and gift wrap just adds an extra sense of luxury so these ideas can make the lower budget gift seem a lot more luxurious!

The LV City Guides. £22 or $33
These little books are great gifts for anyone who enjoys reading, travelling, or both! I find them adorable coffee table books! They are available for 12 different cities (I think) and you can buy them individually or in one big box containing all of them £100 or $145! They also come in a variety of languages!

Luggage tag. Big - £32 Small - £31 (no US prices atm)
These are just adorable! They are the classic LV luggage tag, available in vachetta (pale leather), black or brown to suit all the different printed bags! They are only available in store, but they can be hotstamped with initials in various colours for free!

Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs Book. £69 or $100
Again, another book! But it's beautiful! It's all about LV and Marc Jacobs (the creative director for LV) and comes in a beautiful hard case to store the book in. It looks great as a coffee table book and is perfect for any reader or LV enthusiast!

Key Pouch / Cles. £105 or $185
This beautifully cute key pouch can be used to store anything from keys to cards! It's available in monogram, azur and ebene, so there's a wide variety to suit any tastes :biggrin:

Card Holder. £110 or $195
This is usually seen as more of a mens item, but it's available in monogram and ebene so I think it can be for both sexes! It can easily store cards and a few notes, whilst being really light weight and small!

Initials LV Key Holder. £160 or $275
This key holder comes in silver or gold and is a key holder with the LV logo hanging from it. It's not as discreet as many other key holders but its a super cute gift!

Mid range budget:

Cosmetic Pouch. £190 or $330
This is the perfect sized cosmetic pouch to fit in any woman or mans daily bag or suitcase! It can fit quite a lot of essentials and comes in monogram, ebene and azur as well as many other prints! So it can be used by both men and women!

Small Ring Agenda. £205 or $355
This is the perfect gift for men and women! Whether they be business people or stay at home parents! Personally I prefer to write things down over all this tech diary stuff! It comes in a variety of prints including monogram, azur, ebene! The refills from LV are rather expensive, but I know that Filofax do some cheaper ones!

Zippy Coin Purse. £205 or $365
This is a great handy purse/wallet for cards coins and cash! It's small size makes it perfect for pockets or bags and its versatile in prints so can be for men and women!

Marie Wallet. £205 or $355
This is just adorable! It's only available in monogram, but can have red green or blue interior leather for that pop of colour! It has room for cash cards and coins! And it's small enough to fit in a pocket!

Tapage Charm. £250 or $435
So chic! This charm features the LV monogram logo on a variety of metals. The different metal colours means it can look amazing on any kind of LV bag! It can really help to complete the look of a bag!

I'm currently working on my gift ideas for larger budget items :biggrin: But I hope this helps anyone who's looking for the perfect LV gift!

And lastly...get this list in front of your partners to hint for valentines day ideas ;)


Jan 2, 2013
This is awesome! Thanks for spending the time to make a list. I wish the LV site could sort results from price range


Jan 10, 2013
That was amazing and informative. Thanks!

P.S. I kind of felt like you we're talking about me specifically when you were describing all if those items. I am pretty sure you weren't but a girl can dream, right?


Dec 17, 2012
That was amazing and informative. Thanks!

P.S. I kind of felt like you we're talking about me specifically when you were describing all if those items. I am pretty sure you weren't but a girl can dream, right?
No problem!

And well...maybe I was ;) haha!