My Louis Vuitton embossed Stephen is here!

  1. I'm so excited! I absolutely adore this bag and had to take photos to share with you guys!


  2. What a gorgeous gorgeous bag! Congratulations! You look fabulous with her! How about a few more pics wearing the bag in other ways?
  3. Omg I Love It !
  4. Congrats
  5. congrats!
  6. Wow..I am not huge fan of mono stephen but embossed one is so gorgeous...congrats..
  7. Wowzas :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !! Such a sexy and chic bag!! I love the contrasting colours, beautiful, just beautiful, enjoy her in good health!! :yahoo:
  8. Wow! What a unique bag...congrats!
  9. :nuts: :nuts: Very nice, Congra'ts. You must be in lala land, Enjoy!

  10. That bag is completely gorgeous, congrats! I love your shoes too!
  11. Omg, it's stunning! Congrats!!
  12. I LOVE IT!!!! Great color combo. I love the size of this bag, and the comfort of the strap. GORGEOUS!!! ENJOY!!!
  13. the bag looks amazing on you! congratz!
  14. loving the color! Fabuulous!
  15. That is so gorgeous, it looks fabulous on you!