my louis vuitton collection

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  1. I love my collection so far, I have managed to get some really great pieces that i never thought i would have! I have been collecting for 7 years now wow cant belive its been that long. there are still select pieces I want if any one sees them up for sale let me know. really really want the monogram love tambour watch it came out in 2003 and has the LV hands on it! also I put a pic up of it
    also the monogram alma vernis roses pink from the stephen sprouse collection its such a beautiful piece.

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  2. oh wow...they all look great and so many LE's....FANTASTIC collection!!
  3. Wow wow wow ! Great collection u got there.....
  4. wow!! Thats one fantastic collection! LOVE the watch :love:
  5. Very diverse collection. Nice!
  6. Awesome collection! Love the LEs..
  7. Congrats it´s lovely!
  8. wow! great collection :biggrin:
  9. Great collection!

    Welcome to tpf!
  10. HI--- welcome and BEAUTIFUL collection...I am sooo :drool:
  11. Great collection!
  12. Beautiful collection, there are some really nice pieces!
  13. Gorgeous collection!
  14. amazing collection!
  15. welcome! great collection!