My Louis Collection

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  1. Presenting my girls - Shirley was hiding, but we found her so she gets a solo....

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  2. So nice!! I like your wallpaper too. It reminds me of a French boutique.:smile:
  3. :drool: WOW... Nice collections :tup: your WC papillon looks so great beside your limelight.
  4. :coolpics: Gotta love the Pearl clutch, Shirley, WC Papillon, And WOW both the Tivoli PM & GM.:drool:
  5. very lovely collection!!! how long have u been working on this collection?they all look fairly new!
  6. Beautiful collection! I love your Shirley.
  7. Beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing ~ definitely drool worthy!
  8. Funny how I was wondering if anyone here on the forum owned the wc papillion. I know alot of the members here have the wc speedy. I have the wc speedy in both white and brown but have been wanting a Papillion bag for awhile now. I've been thinking of the wc Papillion instead of the regular mono one. If I may ask; how do you like your wc papillion? Do you wear it on the shoulder, hand held or over the crook of your arm? I've read that the papillion may not be too comfortable on the shoulder. Beautiful collection by the way.
  9. I agree!

    Beautiful collection shopsinparis! Is that little Suhali bag the Le Mignon? I could be wrong though. If so, it's adorable!
  10. Lovely collection!:smile:
  11. Wow, great collection! Our shirleys are twins, mine has the pink & green LV is the front, too:nuts:!
  12. beautiful collection! first thing I noticed, I was like wow both tivolis!!:heart:

    and the shirley...oh how sad that I didn't get one.:sad:
  13. Thanks everyone for your compliments! Ellipse is my first LV and I accumulated most since last August. The Suhali is Le Confident. I think the WC Papillon is a comfortable size but more comfortable on the arm than shoulder. I like it because the WC Papillon is not seen around as much as the WC Speedy and the brown can be worn in more seasons.

  14. Love the Le Confident ~ how do you like that bag, if I may ask?

    I have the WC Pap too and I carry it by hand and arm too:tup:

  15. The only bad thing about Le Confident is it can be a little heavy. Also when you flip open the flap, the contents can get dumped out because the buckle can throw it off balance.