my Louboutin python Simple pump - gratuitous pictures!

  1. *sigh*

    Ladies ~ my husband is out for the evening... I was therefore able to smuggle these lovelies into the house.

    Without further comment, I give you...

    python.jpg python1.jpg python8.jpg python4.jpg python2.jpg
  2. ...more...because is there ever enough????
    python7.jpg python11.jpg python9.jpg python5.jpg
  3. gorgeous gorgeous! congrats! how high is the heel???
  4. so hot!! ^^ same question as above
  5. Those are SO HOT! :nuts:

    Go Girl, You ROCK! :woohoo:
  6. So classy yet so hot! Love that rounded toe! I have a similar pair in Prada python, but I think this is far superior...what with the red sole...

    SO SEXY! Love the pics!

    Where did you find them!?
  7. gorgeous! great pictures.
  8. Those are beyond hot!!!!!!
    Enjoy them!
  9. Gorgeous shoes..I laughed when you said you smuggled them in, I do that all the time..
  10. sigh... those are so nice. i am so jealous. congratulations.
  11. Thanks, everyone! I'm wearing them today...

    The box says Roccia 85 - so I assume 85mm? Basically, they feel like my 3.5" Manolos (the 90mm) vs. my 100mm Manolos (my Camparis are higher).

    Got them at Davids in Toronto!
  12. Piaffe - congrats! They are beautiful, you will get much use out of them because they work well with so many colors. Enjoy! Let's see the others you got!
  13. They even look comfortable. Lovely.
  14. Gorge - Congrats
  15. Oooh, those are hot! :drool: