My loots today

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  1. Okay!! I'm VERY PLEASED with my loots today.

    Bought my very first Chanel item too..

    12052007 023.jpg 12052007 024.jpg
  2. I think they matches very well. :smile:
    12052007 025.jpg 12052007 027.jpg 12052007 026.jpg 12052007 028.jpg 12052007 030.jpg
  3. And my very first Chanel.
    12052007 029.jpg 12052007 031.jpg
  4. a perfect match! congrats.

    Love that chanel piece too:heart:
  5. congrats!!!
  6. Oh beautiful! Love azur and the bandeau is a perfect addition to the bag. How do you tie it like that?
  7. Congrats ....the LVOE bandana is a perfect match for azur:heart:

  8. Just tie a butterfly knot. :biggrin:

    I love how to LVoe bandeau looks on the azur. :heart:
  9. Congrats!! I esp like key holder and chanel smth (is it necklace:confused1:)
  10. Wasehhhhh!!! Your LV is beautiful!!!! :upsidedown: Congratssss
  11. WOW Congrats! I love the Azur! The LVoe bandeau looks gorgeous with your speedy, I want one now for mine :graucho:
  12. Love them, congrats!
  13. Oh so summery!! Azur is really growing on me now....
    Congrats and enjoy!!
  14. Gorgeous congrats! i love Azur it's so summery, and that Chanel necklace is darling!
  15. The bandeau looks really good on the Azur congrats!