My Loot......

  1. To share my loot...:hysteric:

    LV Epi Jasmin in red

  2. so nice...congrats.
    Welcome to TPF!!!!!
  3. She's gorgeous!!! Any modeling pics? :graucho:
  4. What a beautifil red!!! She is gorgeous!
  5. Will show soon....:okay:
  6. I also have the exact same bag. She's very classy and so versatile.

    Congrats on your Jasmin. :yahoo:
  7. So georgeos and screams SEXY!!!! I really want one, ( in ivory). But your RED JASMIN is really really GEORGGGEEOUS! Congrats and enjoy your baby!
  8. wowwww she's so lovely congrat!!!I :heart: jasmin
  9. Congratulations!
  10. A bit greedy...

    I have another one in black....

    I think I must be crazy...:upsidedown:
  11. She's gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. gorgeous! congrats!
  13. Beautiful colour..congrats
  14. She is a beauty!
  15. very nice! the epi line is growing on me.