1. Here is my loot from my shopping trip today. The NIMBUS is INCREDIBLE! My favorite bag I own now! I already had purchased the ivory epi noe but put the etoile bandeau on it! I think it looks fab. ENJOY!
  2. :smile: how pretty is all that detail!!!!!!!!

    love the bandeau- mine's on it's way :smile:
  3. Fabulous haul! LOVE everything! Congrats, congrats!
  4. Closer pictures of inclusion and epi petit noe with etoile bandeau
    INCLUSION.JPG etoile bandeau.JPG
  5. Congratulations they are beautiful.
  6. It's beautiful!! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!
  7. The Nimbus is gorgeous and I love the bandeau on your noe!

  8. Ooooooooooo so very nice :biggrin:
  9. THat bandeau looks so great!
  10. wow nice shopping!!! are the cloud bags released your did you get early? love your tee any modeling pics?
  11. I recommend the cloud line big time. It's so SOFT and supple!
  12. Not sure if they are released yet. I have been lucky about getting things early. I will model the tee in a bit. I need to get my 18-month-old settled. LOL He is acting crazy now!
  13. Everything looks gorgeous, Crystal! I really want to see the Nimbus IRL, it looks so pretty in the pictures. I am so jealous you bought the LVOE shirt. I tried it on and it was too big, I wish I had your body. You have to model it for us!
  14. Love your new things! Congrats! That shirt is really pretty, is it comfortable?
  15. Crystal, love the bandeau on the petite noe. Funny thing is that i just got my ivory petite noe last week and went to lv this past weekend and got the last pink etoile bandeau to put on my petite noe then i saw your post. we are petite noe and bandeau twins, yay! don't you just love that petite noe? I think it's such a great bag. love that nimbus also.