My loot is here. hip hip!

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  1. Hurray!

    I'm so happy, I want the Amore even more now, the bag is beau-ti-ful!!! :heart::graucho::heart::nuts::wlae:



    My entire purchase together, most of it are gifts from my family:


    And my whole tokidoki collection, missing the sandy pink tee, it's in the laundry:



    The storm tee is the prettiest ever, I almost feel bad wearing it.
  2. :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave:
    Congrats!!! I'm glad you finally got it all!! You got some great stuff :love: enjoy it!
  3. oh your zucca is so cute. i luv the sushi guy. and the girl with the yellow monkey. nice collection. i need to buy toki clothes:hrmm:...hehe
  4. :woohoo: Congratulations!!! Love it! You have an awesome collection.
  5. I love the sushi bento box tank. But I rarely wear a tanktop. Congrats on the toki stuff Snoopa!
  6. Thanks everybody, but now I have to go hunting for an amore. :love:

    I wear tanktops all the time during the summer, it's too hot for anything else, I wish I would have gotten some more.

    The zucca is so weird, I was sure it's more round and less wide, it's so funny. I gotta put all my stuff in it. :lol: I'm too excited, I'm acting like a dumb 3 year old who got a new barbie.
  7. ^lol!! at least it's not a new barbie but tokidoki stuff! :biggrin:! the zucca did look pretty interesting when i first saw it.. lol.

    congrats on your items! :] yay
  8. Wow, you bought a lot. Great collection. Congrats!
  9. yayyy for you! You'll be rockin Israel now with the cutest stuff nobody has! haha. Yessssss go hunting for Amore :biggrin:
  10. haha I was considering that tank when I was at japan la... how do you like it? :smile: I think the tank I got in large is too big :hrmm: I don't know if I should try to sell it and buy a medium or not
  11. Congrats!!! :party: :party:
    About the whole bastardino necklace thingy...I actually walked from the brooklyn bridge to 14th union square in manhattan and no luck. Sorries...probably too late with that info anyway...

    Nice Loot!!!!!! I wish I had your mazzorella shirt...they were selling them for 29 at virgin...I let it go and more...

  12. lolz. They have no idea what this is around here, though I did see 2 girls in a restaurant once that stared at my tee, and then I saw they had pirata and paradiso bambinones.

    tehlilone- I love it! I tried it on earlier, it's really comfy and just the right length, I took an L coz Jamie said their L == tokidoki M.

    Sempre- No sweat, thanks so much for trying! :heart:
    I think I might take the bracelet apart and make lots of necklaces anyways, it's too big for me, almost slips off. Gonna try it tomorrow and then decide.

    About the Mozzarella- did you try giantRobot?
    They sent 2 of them for me from their CA store to the one in NY, if you really want one you can email them and ask if they have more left in one of the stores.
    It was 30$ though I think... :push:
  13. I know it's a bit off topic, but I love your pink Spicy Brown t-shirt :yahoo:
  14. Yayyyy Snoopa !! I'm glad you finally got all your toki stuff! I bet it was worth it. I love your collection :smile:
  15. Congratz snoopa! U finally got it! Nice collection!!!