My loot from Paris!

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  1. As some of you know I spent the last week in Paris. I wasn't planning on making a big fuzz about it as I was mostly going to meet up with a friend but since Baggs has already spilled the beans I thought I might as well show off my new stuff! :p

    I really had a great time there shopping, eating great food and spending time with amazing people. I just got back from the airport an hour ago so no modeling pics plus they'd look awful after all the macaroons I've been shoving in my face for the last week, lol. I kept buying boxes "for my husband" but I doubt he got more then 2 the whole trip. And I brought some home too :shame:

    One remarkable thing happened on this trip and that is that my husband walked out of the store with his first orange bag and he loves it. So much that from now on he's threatening one for me, one for HIM!! :wtf: I'm still debating how I feel about as I don't like to share, neither Hermes nor my macaroons, lol.

    Anyway, here are my goodies: a vert Olive 34 cm Lindy, a KP in Parchemin Swift and a few bracelets.....since you can't just have one, right?
    Parisloot.jpg Polly.jpg
  2. Congrats !!!!!!! Love the Kelly pochette...
  3. OMG! You weren't kidding! You really did pick up a few things! Congratulations!!!! I love everything!!!! G
  4. Welcome back chickster!
  5. congrats icechick!!! love the lindy!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks HG, it's good to be back :heart:

    And thanks girls!! I'm so excited about them, I've been wanting a Lindy for a long time now but the KP has always scared me a bit. Then my SA showed me a new way to wear it and it sold me on the spot *sigh*
  7. Beautiful!! The Lindy's color is gorgeous.... is the Kelly specially lined?
  8. Great loot, love the olive!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  9. wow :nuts: that's certainly a nice haul!
  10. Thanks girls :kiss:'s lined in swift :shrugs: I don't know how they are usually lined as it's my first one. It's a lot softer than my Kelly Longue though that's also lined in swift.
  11. awesome loot. Thanks for sharing. Love the Lindy.
  12. Sounds like a very nice trip. Congrats on your goodies ... parchemain is one of my favorite colors!!!
  13. Congrats! Beautiful bracelets!
  14. What a fabulous haul Icechick :drool::drool:
    I especially love your Lindy. Glad you had such a wonderful time.
  15. Sounds like a fun trip you had.
    You new bags are wonderful for winter.
    Glad you had a great time and wonderful food.
    I adore the H bracelet with the H's all around.
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