my loot from paris and switzerland

  1. quite a bit of a loot for a 5 day trip lol. it was everything i wanted and more :yahoo: and i love the kelly wallet!
    new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg new4.jpg
  2. lumine, love everything you got! and the kelly wallet is a must-have!
  3. OMG, you know how to shop! LOVE it all!!!! gosh you have the best taste, not that you can really go wrong with H. Esp. love the kelly wallet! the padlock zipper pull is so cute.
  4. Jesus Christ!! That white B is absolutely and utterly stunning. And the Kelly wallet, so cute! I don't believe I had seen that style ever before. Congratulations on all your fab purchases!! Now, we need the modeling shots and specs please?
  5. Drop-dead stunning loot Lumine!!!! Every item is just incredible. I'm especially loving that Kelly wallet as well, and your pink lizard Constance is TDF!!!
  6. That is one incredible haul! I love everything! Congratulations!
  7. thanks folks!:smile:

    specs, here we go.
    white 35cm birkin in clemence with gold hardware
    fushchia lizard constance (size 18 i think)
    black box kelly wallet with gold hardware (i love the mini cadena at the zip too!)
    etoupe cherve mysore azap long wallet
    raisin epsom med erm, note pad cover?
    sheep pikabook in framboise (my fav colour, too bad it doesnt come in bags.........:sad:)

    the kelly wallets are very new, got them at 24 faubourg. but they were not available in the swiss shops yet. so far i have seen them in epsom and box, in a variety of colour. and good news, i can fit in my cellphone in there so it can double up as a clutch! :tup:
  8. Wow! 5 days and you got all those beautiful goodies?! Congrats!!!
  9. Wow wow wow I love everything you got!!!! :tup::tup: You have such good taste. :tup::tup: CONGRATULATIONS Lumine.
    I haven't seen the kelly wallet before. :tup: That constance lizard is so nice. :heart: May I ask about the ratail price if you don't mind? Thank you for sharing. :smile:
  10. Love them all, congratulations!
  11. I love that Kelly wallet!!!!!!
  12. i passed on a vert olive shoulder birkin and is still kicking myself for it! it got snapped up by some eagar chinese tourist the moment i said no :crybaby: the very nice SA offered me on waitlist for a graphite one, so i'm still very happy :yes:
  13. Thanks!

    the lizard constance was 8650 swiss francs. prices are steeper in switzerland and tax refund was lower, but it was so beautiful i couldn't have passed on it!
  14. OMGosh! What a trip! I love everything -- you picked the most fantastic stuff! Love the wallets -- and the constance is amaaaazing!!!
  15. Thank you so much. It is truly beautiful bag. :heart::yes: