My loot from NM Last Call today-Botkier/Be&D/Balenciaga

May 18, 2006
No pics yet..but I went to NM Last Call grand opening in north Dallas today. What a madhouse...there was a huge crowd and when the doors opened, where do you think all the women went? Handbags! I walked in 1 minute after opening and ladies had 5,6,7,8 bags on their arms, it was ridiculous! I personally scored:
  • Botkier Big Essex shoulder bag burgundy - $280
  • Be&D big Brando bag caramel/tan- $350
  • Balenciaga (not sure name) in a gorgeous brilliant navy blue -$390
I could not believe it, they had Chanel, Botkier, Kooba, you name it.. but those shopping women were pushing, shoving and grabbing. I was walking around and 3 or 4 walked up to pet and fondle the Botkier on my shoulder! One asked me if she could have it! Haha! Just thought I'd share, it was hilarious and hysterical and fun and nutso and I think I may just stick to online shopping!
I'll post pics as soon as possible...


May 6, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
I got an e-mail for that grand opening and wondered how good it would be. Sounds like it was fabulous!! Congrats on your great deals. I especially want to see the Be & D bag you got!


Nov 7, 2006
I thought about going today, but couldn't deal with the drive out to Allen in the rain. And I really don't need another bag (or so I keep saying) :sad:


Jul 30, 2006
Toronto, Canada
Well I'm happy for you DG! Jealous but happy!
Those are some killer deals you scored.
Which one of your new babies excites you the most?
Post modeling pics when you get the chance!
Dying to see them ALL. :yes:


Feb 4, 2007
Wow, those are great deals. I hate dealing with the crowds at sales, but for deals like that it's worth it.
May 18, 2006
Aww thanks ladies, here's something to make you hate me even more.. A couple days ago, I finally took the plunge and ordered a YSL Muse in Violet from Nordstrom Mall of America...TODAY they announce a 40% off designer bags presale to include the Muse....I called the SA who helped me and they will give me the 40% off that Muse...saving $600, which almost paid for my little spree today... I have her looking for a black or red Muse and Downtown bags also.. (I know I know, I need serious help with this bag addiction):wtf:.

But..Toni, the SA at Nordstroms asked me to tell everyone that if you call her Monday, she will search for any bag at every Nordies store in the U.S and presale to you. She mentioned she has the YSL Metropolis, Reversible drawstring ($594 from $995); Rive Gauche; and some others. I didn't ask other brands but I am certain there are many of the designers you may like.She is fantastic, and I tell ya, Nordies has my business from now on after her fabulous customer service on my Muse.
You can reach Toni on Monday at 952-883-2121. Ask for Designer Handbags. You may not want to wait because I think word is getting out on the all tomorrow if you want to know fast.

She says the Mall of America store is one of the largest in the country and in the fall they will be adding Gucci, and Chanel boutiques as well - So a good contact for the future. Good luck, ladies..and I will post pics asap..

Oh and she also said this Nordies ships FREE...they are a test store on it. I didn't ask about Canada or international but it won't hurt for you to ask them!! They use DHL and Fedex, and it takes 5-8 days...