My loot from Denmark!

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  1. I just came home from an amazing weekend trip to Denmark where a few of us European girls had a tPF meet. The trip started out great as when I was walking through the airport I spotted a bracelet in the airport shop that I've been wanting forever. Since I was going into the country the SA there offered to keep it for me untill Sunday so I could get it Tax free on my way home :P

    The next day I couldn't wait to get to the main store so I kicked hubby out of bed early in the morning and dragged him to the store. I've had a pretty good Hermes month so far and I had every intention of just getting a few small things, an elephant cadena, a canvas strap for my new Kelly and maybe a scarf to match it. That quickly went out the window as soon as we got there though:roflmfao: While the SA's were measuring me and miss Kelly for the strap leanght I spotted a gorgeous traveling bolide in Etoupe Togo, I think. I got to try it on and although it was gorgeous it was really huge. I then asked if they had anything else in this color and they did!! :nuts: A 1923 bolide in Etoupe Swift!!

    When the SA first brought it out I sort of thought that it might be too small but as soon as I picked it up and looked in the mirror I couldn't let it go. It just felt like a perfect fit. And well, look how pretty!! :love:

    The SA's at that store really are the sweetest and I left feeling like a princess. Also, I should mention that my husband was a true trooper. I spent well over an hour at the store and he sat through it patiently and even footed the bill with a smile. (But maybe he was just so glad it was finally over :roflmfao:)

    The modeling pic isn't the greatest but I just got home from the airport about an hour ago and I've been dying to show it off since Friday :shame:

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  2. Wow! There's been a lot of talk about etoupe lately, and you're certainly doing some serious enabling.
  3. That 1923 is AMAZING in that color and sooooo elegant!
  4. Oh, icechick, what FUN you all had!!! And what an absolutely gorgeous new Bolide!!! Stunning color and just perfect on you -
  5. Icechick: I love when you share!:yes: I LOOOVE your 1923!!! You are so right--it is ABSOLUTELY perfect on you!!!:tup: I am so glad to hear you had a Eurpoean meetup!! Will you all start a thread like the New York girls did? Don't forget to post pics of your other loot--including the airport bracelet! And, what a sweet, sweet DH you have.:heart:
  6. Oh.. my favorite color :heart:

  7. Gorgeous!The size is perfect for you.
  8. oh gawd, i L:heart:VE literally everything that you bought... thank you for MAKING my sunday! :yes:

    congrats and wear your lucious goods in good health.
  9. IceChick - YOU and YOUR ""NEW BOLIDE" look FABULOUS together. The cadena and bracelet are "HOT", too!!

    Congratulations, and what a GREAT DH you have!!:yahoo:

    Thanks for the look FANTASTIC!:yes:
  10. congrats!!
  11. It looks PERFECT on you!!! Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Wow, you're right... that bag is totally perfect on you and looks so great with the bracelet, too! Congratulations!!
  13. Gorgeous! COngratulations! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks girls, I haven't been able to stop smiling since Friday. It really was a great weekend.

    Luv2shop: The bracelet is in the first pic, it's a bit overshadowed by miss Bolide poor thing, lol.
  15. thanks for sharing your story and beautiful bolide. congrats!