My Loot Deserves 5 star Votes - Bags + shoes + small Leather Goods **PICS**

  1. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY finaaaaaaaalllly.....

    im here to Post my goodies Pics took me almost 1.5 months to colllect them ...

    Shoes + two small leather goods + 3 bags:wlae:

    i've been sooooooooooooo lazy to put them all together and pic them, but thanks to Vanilla Addict who kept on threatening me to start the thread, i finallllly gave up and done the missssssion .......

    May i start with a Guessing game?:shame: LOL i'll give hints

  2. Oh go on give us a clue! im no good at guessing games! :yes:
  3. More pics please ;)
  4. ^^ OK

    2 miroir bags

    2 Pom da amour pieces ( small leather good + Bag :biggrin:)

    shoes are sandals with LV flowers :graucho:

    1 noisette piece

    note: Vanilla addict ur not allowed to participate :roflmfao:
  5. where are the pics?
    where are the pics?

    this is fantastic, great for you and your collection - congrats!
  6. Miroir Speedy Silver and Pap Gold?

    Pomme Roxbury Drive and Pomme Agenda?
  7. MissL u r Geeeeeeenuis LOL ...

    indeed Miroir speedy and Papilon but reverse the colors :biggrin:

    and yes Pomm da amour rox ...

    nope not agenda

    thanks all for ur lovely participation :heart:
  8. Mirror Papillion (silver?)
    Mirror Speedy (silver?)
    Reade pm pomme
    Ludlow pomme
    And i'm stuck on the shoes!
  9. I'm too slow!
  10. Yay!

    Ok, Pomme Koala wallet?

    Is the Noisette an accessory or bag?
  11. xhollieax .. awwwwwwww stilll have 3 un solved .. try
  12. miss L .. no not the KW

    yes noisette is a smalll goody :biggrin:
  13. congrats!

    sounds excited...
  14. Noisette Cles
    Pomme PTI wallet?
  15. MissL u rockkkkkkk yes cles

    nope not PTI :biggrin: