My long zippered wallet and zipper pull durability

  1. Sorry I have been holding back on you guys, but I purchased a long zipped wallet in moro (darker ebano in nappa umbria) about three weeks ago.

    Well, I had to take it back for repair and it hasn't even been a month yet, because one time I was in a rush opening my wallet (which was not overly stuffed) and pulling on the zipper kind of quickly, the leather flap on the zipper pull tore off of the hardware.

    So I wanted to take this experience to share with you all that if you have a zip wallet with a leather tab pull instead of the knotted leather pull (knotted leather pull similar to the pulls on the side pockets of many BV handbags, where a small piece of leather is knotted around the hardware to create a pull. The leather tab pull, like what I had, is a teardrop-shaped flat piece where the piece of leather is reinforced/sewn around the edges and a flap from the tab is sewn onto the hardware), be careful. I'm so surprised this happened to me. Maybe it was just this time but I still wanted to make you aware.

    Now I'm without my new wallet for another few weeks. :crybaby:
  2. Bunkie, my long zippered Ebano wallet comes with a knotted leather pull. Believe we have the same wallet.

    Anyway, surprised to hear of your problem... very unlike of BV which I find the workmanship and quality superior.

    Hope your wallet comes back soon. I love mine so much. It just feels so good whenever I take my money out !!!
  3. mlbags, no I have the flap pull not the knotted one. Since you have the knotted one I think you are good and you can have peace of mind that ours are not the same pull.

    I believe the moro ones which are not woven all the way but just the midsection came with the flap/tab pull like mine. Still lamenting... Thanks for your kind words.
  4. Bunkie, I have the teardrop shaped flap pull on my continental wallet. I will be more careful when using it in the future; however, I have yet to have a problem with the pull. It seems that when we hear of a defect in a BV bag or leather good, it is usually an isolated case rather than a widespread issue. Hopefullly it continues that way, meanwhile, best wishes on the swift return of your wallet!
  5. I have the french wallet which is not fully woven (only the mid section), and the zip pull is flap too and not knotted. However, as it's in deer skin, I believe its more durable. In any case, I do not use the coin section of my wallet as I can't stand bulky wallet, so I use a separate coin purse (my dear Anya piggy coin purse).

    Notwithstanding, my wallet is actually back in Italy. The leather at the top of the folded section of the wallet was cracking, there were around 3 splits. I have only used it since mid-June this year. Rather disappointing as I expected the deer skin to be hardier. It will take at least 3 months I was told. :sad: (sorry to hijack your thread Bunkie).
  6. This is not very good .... yeah, disappointing..... so sorry to hear this.
    (Ms P, luckily you now have H to distract you from this.....!)
  7. ms piggy, oh no. That truly sucks.
    I was hesitant to get a nice wallet (I've been using my trusty Coach zip till now)... and now my BV flap.... sigh... but, on a good note, I think that the pull issue may only happen with the zip around wallets, because there is a lot of stress with the zipper and the zipper is very tight compared to those on coin compartments. Wow, such technical conversation on zippers huh?
  8. I don't know that you would have been better off with a knotted pull. I had an issue with the knotted pull on my medium veneta. there were strings on the inside that started coming out as it got worn. I had them send me a replacement for $40 (quite a bit for a tiny strip of leather). So sorry to hear about your wallet. I know how annoying it can be to wait for a repair.
  9. I should have read this thread coin purse's teardrop shaped leather flap on the zipper pull just tore off :crybaby:I didn't use it everyday - only when I go out during weekend.

    The worse part is I have no clue how I can get it fix. I just bought it a month ago in HK & I'm in Nova Scotia Canada. The only closest store I can think of is in NYC. But I won't go there anytime soon or won't fly there just to get repairation neither. What's up with the quality?!:cursing:
  10. ceci- Sorry to hear about your coin purse! I know you can mail your coin purse to a nearby BV store or directly to the NYC store for repair. If you have only had the coin purse for a short time, I would speak to an at SA at whatever store you send it to about having the repair done for free or having it replaced. Doesn't hurt to ask!