My long search has finally ended. And I still need some advice haha!

  1. I made a decision after my long search for a man-bag.

    I bought myself a dark orange valparaiso bag!
    (remember: they only had in in black in my store)
    The seller said she send me an invoice or something but in the
    eBay info, there's no bank account number & iban/bic code.
    I send her an email but she didn't answer yet.
    is she just forgotten it or does she mean something else?
    (I'm from Belgium - she's from Us)
    I am worried since this is my first huge eBay buying!

    Will take some pics when I do get it at home )in about 2 weeks or something?)

    Anybody knows more about this?

    ps: thx for the help on my other threads!

    And for the herbag thread helpers: maybe I'll buy it anyway and if it's too big I'll use it for travelling....

  2. thx for all the advise...
    I transferred on the wrong data now I think...
    I'm so dead!
  3. Anyone from Belgium who can help me with this? please!