My Long Overdue Promise

  1. Hello, hello my toki lovers!!!

    I hope some of you remember me. It's been a good 2-3 months since i've been active here on the forum. I had a new baby boy in June and I promised to post pics up of my little guy in all his toki glory.

    My husband thought I was crazy when I took this picture of him. Hahahah I think it's adorable and a little concerning of how obsessed I am with Tokidoki.

    Anyway, here's the pic. Motherhood is such a busy life! I hope I can chat obsessively with you all again soon!
    IMG_2545.jpg IMG_2549.jpg IMG_2554.jpg
  2. He is so adorable in that outfit! I love it!

    I wish my sis would have let me buy my nephew that onesie for him to wear.

    Good luck to you! He is a cutie! :p
  3. oh,your baby is sooo cute!!! Welcome back!!
  4. He's PRECIOUS!! Congratulations!!:yahoo:
  5. Oh he is soooo adorable! Congratulations again! :balloon:
  6. :woohoo:hehehe!!! yay, tokidokibaby!!!
  7. he's so cuute!:nuts:
  8. haha I love how he's surrounded by toki :yes: Your baby is so, so adorable!! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. Awwwwwww - he is so handsome!!!! And what a lucky little guy to be surrounded by so much toki!
  10. Congratulations & welcome back Mamaxjam! Your son is just adorable, especially in his Toki onesie!! I wonder if my sister-in-law would dress my nephew in that if I bought it for him. Hmmm...
  11. sooo cute! :yahoo:
  12. Oh my goodness what an adorable picture :tender: He's so precious amongst all the toki!! ;) Congrats!! I want a baby now to add to my toki collection!!
  13. Congratz On Your New Baby! Such A Cutie Pie!
  14. MamaxJam!!!!! I've been thinking about you lately and then *poof* here you are!!! Congrats again to you and your hubby on your adorable baby boy!! :woohoo: He's soooo cuuute!!!! He's looks great in the onesie and surrounded by toki goodness :tup:

    I'm glad that you're all well!!!!
  15. OMG. love the onesie- congrats on your new baby boy! best wishes of health and happiness to you and your family.