My long desired bag....

  1. So when the this bag came out about two/three years ago, I was in absolutely hell. It was gorgeous, minimalist, clean lines and a beautiful body: everything I wanted in a bag at that moment. The only hitch was that it was waaaaay out of my price range, especially at that time.

    Fast forward a couple years on, things are on the up and up, that with some self control, I was finally able to save up and treat myself (early) for my birthday this year.

    I was torn between colors, textures, sizes, etc. I knew I wanted grainy leather as it would be more slouchy, less of a hassle (in terms of scratches and creasing). I was torn. Between two blues (the azure-lapis and the jean), a grey, and a beige. In the end I decided on black as it is a color I don't have in my collection yet, interestingly enough, and it came in the grainy texture (the azure-lapis and grey did give me a moment of hesitation tho). And medium was the size in the end, as I have a lot of larger tote bags and wanted something I could just sling in the shoulder or tight across the body for a more modern look.

    So without further ado I present to you....

    Diorissimo in black grainy leather, (new) medium, with GHW.

    Peek-a-boo pink inside!

    Looooove the slouch


    The bijoux are divine.

    Ok now back to fondling my bag.
  2. Congrats! What a beautiful bag!!! I'm very happy for you :smile:
  3. Absolutely gorgeous !!
  4. so beautiful!! dior is just the best. congratulations!!
  5. Wow what a luxurious gift for yourself! Well worth the saving! Congratulations!
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    LOVE THIS! It's so chic with the little pop of color right at the top. Congrats on such a great gift for yourself!
  7. Gorgeous bag!
    Congrats : )
  8. Congratulations. It is such a beauty.
  9. Thanks all! I'm definitely in love.

    Some modelling pics of different ways to wear!

  10. LOVE! Sooo gorgeous. Congrats!
  11. Well done and well deserved! Enjoy your beautiful new Diorissimo!
  12. Well done! You have found a beautiful bag that looks wonderful on you! Love the modern classic lines and sweet pop of colour, a great choice.
  13. Congrats bag twin! It's a gorgeous color combo and bag. I also love the fact that the grained leather is bullet proof , rain or shine. :smile:
  14. Absolutely stunning!! Congratulations!