My Long Day and New Stuff!!

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  1. So yesterday was a really long day. My bf and I went to downtown SD at 3:30 am (we got down there at 5 am) for the Jordan BMP release... the store actually opened at 9 am... after that we went to several macys! Most of them have the new prints! but I can't tell you which one has what in the newer ones I was just paying attention to clearance items :graucho:

    In San Diego we went to the following Macy's...
    • Fashion Valley (lots of fumo on sale)
    • Mission Valley (saw 2 arancia ciao ciaos)
    • Plaza Bonita (nothing on sale but had a lot of tokidoki)
    • Plaza Camino Real (nothing on sale- my hometown mall and they won't mark down the older prints they get returned :cursing: they had a citta rosa bambinone, citta ciao, and fumo zucca but nothing marked down)
    Then we started heading back north toward home (orange county)
    • Laguna Hills- only newer prints
    Passed Orange County into Long Beach/LA
    • Los Cerritos- I bought several things from the mall... including a foresta stellina!! it was a returnee and ended up being $42 after tax! :yahoo: I was surprised though after we came home. I found another qee in the pocket :wtf: I'm guessing that the person that returned it stuck the qee in the pocket and then the SAs seeing it didn't have one put an extra on the chain :shrugs:
    • DSC04763.JPG DSC04764.JPG
    Then finally LA
    • DSC04760.JPG DSC04761.JPG
    • We went to Japan LA (30 min away from cerritos) and I got two shirts there. Jamie is really nice :smile: I got the black bunny shirt! I saw it at comic-con last year but I didn't get it... I didnt even know it was tokidoki! I also got a gloomy shirt :love: and a clear gloomy charm! Would have gotten a new necklace but I guess that'll have to wait
    • Jamie suggested to check out the Monkey King store and Kid Robot but we only checked out Monkey King... I wanted the vinyls! they didn't have one that I've wanted before I started looking into vinyls tho and I don't know if I'll ever get it since I think it's $$ now
    • Last stop of the day was the Beverly Hills Center. I got a shirt at Up Against the Wall! I was debating a hat but I told myself I would spend less than $200 and that would've put me over! When we left we got lost in parking :wlae: but eventually found it lol
    • We got home around 9ish and ended up ordering pizza hut since we were both tired lol
    Other Pictures!
    - here are more pictures of the stellina
    - Gloomy shirt!
  2. Black bunny tee!!!!!!! JapanLA has that?! ooooooh that's so cute. I want one!

    The bag is cute, sasquatch and sandy ! hurray!
  3. yeah they had a black bunny tee in M (which is kinda short on me) and 2 pink bunny tees in L (more of my size) but I wanted the black!
  4. wow awesome deal on the Foresta Stellina!!! :smile:
  5. Oh I just saw the 42$, that IS a good deal.

    Short? how tall are you? The mediums I have are pretty long, for me anyways.
    I never saw the pink one with the bunny, only black I think, but I can't buy another one! :crybaby:
  6. Congrats on the adorable stellina with Sandy! At such a low price too!
  7. I adore your stellina! Sandy AND the sasquatch? For 42 dollars? Whoa!
  8. aww thanks ladies :smile: Yeah I was like :shocked: when I scanned it. Its tag doesn't have a mark down and I was like... watch it's full price :hrmm: since some Macy's haven't marked down older stuff... so I did a double take on the machine and was like :yahoo: my bf was the one that picked it up when we went to the table
  9. Congrats on your purchase!! If only other stores besides LeSportsac sold tokidoki here!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... :cursing:
  10. congrats on the great stellina! i love the monkey eating a cute! and it was only $42? awesome deal! :yahoo:

    my day wasn't near as eventful as yours, but i lucked up on an inferno portotelefono (had the watermelon guy and the blue devil) for $28 at century city macy's. then i hopped over to westside pavillion and found a pirata stellina with really good placement, so i used the macy's make-your-own-sale-day on it. and then i went to Nordstrom with the mindset that if i see that foresta ciao ciao for the third time there, it's meant to be mine, and sure enough it was there waiting for me. i thought it was full price, but then the SA said $115, including tax...who am i to argue?
  11. yeah it was $39 + tax! I was so happy :smile:

    does that mean Nordstrom is going on sale? or not :shocked: if they are it opens more possibilities for me but last time I checked everything was full price except for citta rosa
  12. i didn't really question it, just in case it was a :angel:

    citta rosa's on sale at Nordstrom?? which one and what did they have?
  13. I went to a couple back when macy's was doing those sales at the beggining of march. I got a citta rosa dolce at one (it was the only thing there) and a citta rosa braccialetto at another. But the SA told me they only had that print on sale not even the citta was on sale :sad:
  14. Great haul! :yahoo:
  15. Boo, right there that would have been an excellent day for me. :yucky: