My long awaited toki bags

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  1. Yeah...finally got round to taking some pics of what I picked up from the post office 3 days ago. And I am soo.....wild about them. :yahoo:

    I got my Paradiso BV from ebay and it has got the most perfect placement I could ever want, even though it's on the back. I have the girl with coconut, blond girl with ipod, blue rocker boy and sushi boy. And what's most important is the pink haired girl and the boy on the ladder coz they resemble my darling daughter and baby boy (they have the same haircut! :P)

    And that gorgeous Foresta BV, I got it through eNVii's help. Love the monkeys and the goldfishes, and of course with Sandy and the little cupid, it's just perfect.:tup:

    So these 2 bags will add on to my current amore Bella and Pirata Stellina. And I have a tan PG Bella Bella (?) on the way and even a Foresta MM too. I was given a second offer to buy the MM which I lost on ebay initially. And it's a wonderful deal at US$99. Heehee!:graucho:

    Oh!!! I am one HAPPY girl! :wlae:

    Err...just need some paradiso BV came with some crease lines on it coz it was folded on shipment. Anyway to get rid of them?

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  2. Congrats!

    Aw, makes me miss my Paradiso BV... The back of yours looks almost exactly like the front of mine, which was my exact perfect placement... But I'm glad it went to a good and loving home in Cali!! Hehe.
  3. whoohoo congrats!! wow $99 for foresta MM? a steal!!
  4. omg! lucky u!! foresta MM for 99 !! wat a steal!!
  5. Ha! Ha! Yes, I know! That's why I could not resist taking that offer and it has great placement too, IMO! :yahoo:
  6. lucky you..i paid over retail for mine ..but i :love: it :biggrin: ...cant wait to see pics!!
  7. nice collection! great deal on the foresta MM :tup: lucky girl!
  8. Congrats.....
    I was bothered with those wrinkles or creases as well and what I did (very brave), I actually put a cotton t-shirt on top of the creases and ironed them. It worked well and now all my toki bags are smooth.

  9. I think I will let them be for a couple more days and see if they smoothen out by themselves. If not, I think I will iron it like you did. Thanks for the tip!:smile:
  10. Congratulations!:woohoo:
  11. Your bags are ADORABLE!!:heart:
  12. congrats mytokiluv!! Beautiful bags and you got them at such great prices .. you can't beat that! :woohoo: oh and I love your lamore bella cuz it has bastardino and polpettina on the front :love:

    that ironing idea sounds pretty good. I have a paradiso bambinone that is kinda wrinkly too.
  13. they look really nice!
    perhaps stuffing the bv with tissue paper for a while will force the creases out?
  14. finally got to see your collection...
    wow! :nuts: gorgeous bags! awesome print placements on all of them! i love how you got the "blue" scene on your pirata too... everything, esp. your paradiso, foresta just look so so beautiful!

    and you got a perfect foresta MM at what? US$99?!! way cool! lucky you - congrats!
    now i'm really drooling :drool:
    no wonder you're a happy girl! lol... i'm happy for you too! yay! great bags at great prices :tup:
  15. All of your bags have great placement!! Congrats! I got my spiaggia dolce today from ebay too hehe...will post pics later
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