(¿) My long awaited Tivoli PM! (¿)

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  1. Got the call this morning around 9:30am!! BF & sister came with me to pick it up and they said it's the perfect size:heart:L:huh::huh:VE:heart: it!! Glad to share my new purchase with all you PFers!!!

    note: Sorry about the dirty mirror!:Push:

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  2. Gorgeous!! You just made me want this bag. After ordering the Trevi I was sure I was done for the year. But now, I just decided one more mono wont hurt and this is it!! Thanks for the photos. Tivoli pm here I come...lol
    Any chance of posting pics of the interior?
  3. I love it...congrats!!!
  4. It is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! I think I may want one too! Congrats!!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats Lynpink! This is the perfect size for me, I must have one too!! The 2 must-have for me will be this one and the Trevi PM! :love:
  6. That makes two of us:graucho:
  7. SO GORGEOUS!!! congrats!!! I can't wait to get mine!!
  8. hahaa... great minds think alike!! :graucho:

    I'm dying for the Trevi PM too, just don't know when it's available again, it's out of stock everywhere!! :nogood:
  9. Thanks all for the wonderful comments and love that I've convinced a few!! heehee

    Guilty Pleasure: Here's a few extra pics fer ya!!

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  10. I kept calling every 3 days or so and then out of nowhere they located one for me in Vegas. Just keep trying and I'm sure you'll get lucky...I just about gave up on it and now I can't wait for it to come. I've been waitlisted since it came out.
  11. Thank you!! It's so cute. Nice big opening and cute chain pull....Just when I thought I was done with mono they pull me back in!!!:lol:
  12. cute!!! looks small but it's roomy inside??? I want!
  13. Nice little bag!..Congratulations!
  14. :crybaby:i got the call too, but my parents said that i have to wait for christmas
  15. Wow GP! You've waited that long huh? I was hoping I can get it before Xmas, guess that's not possible now! :crybaby: Oh well, I'll keep on trying ... :sweatdrop: Please post pix when you get yours! :tup: