My Long Awaited Squishy Sabrina!!

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  1. I posted before that I sold my large berry Zoe to buy a small graphite Sabrina... well she came today and I'm so happy to finally have her I just have to share!! :biggrin: I'm sure most of you are headed to, or are in bed already, but I'm too excited to sleep! She is just too cute, and is the perfect size when I don't want to carry a big bag. I initally didn't buy into the Sabrina because I'm a shoulder bag girl and thought these looked funny that way, maybe she does but I decided I don't care!

    I just found out that the outlets are going to get a gray patent Sabrina "Ashley", but thankfully I got this one for a good deal or I'd be pretty irked.

    I should have waited until daylight to take pics, but I couldn't wait, here is my squishy soft Lil' Cutie!!





    Thanks for lookin'
  2. Gotta love them little Sabrinas! :smile: I have 3!! :smile: Congrats.....she looks good on you!
  3. Totally gorgeous! Congratz and enjoy your Sabrina ;)
  4. Yay bag cousins! I have the large one! Congrats!!
  5. Thanks night owls!

    Geez my mirror is dirty, oopsie I was too excited to notice :amuse:
  6. ooooooh she is awesome

    love the pics

    congrats on your new haul
  7. I love it the color is so pretty.
  8. "I should have waited until daylight to take pics, but I couldn't wait, here is my squishy soft Lil' Cutie!!"

    I'm glad you didn't, some of us need to look at nice things to dream about before we go to bed. :smile: Cute bag!
  9. I think the graphite is 3rd in line as far as the patent Sabrina's go!!! #1 ofcourse the blk fashion patent, and IMO #2 is the plum patent and 3rd the grey graphite!!! I'd most likely however buy the graphite before I'd buy the plum because it goes with everything!!!!


    ***I'm also GLAD to hear that the outlets will have a grey version in the "sabrina-esq" Ashley bags!!! WOO-HOO!!!!
  10. My large graphite Sabrina is one of my favs! Congrats on your new bag!!!!!!!:woohoo:
  11. You know what??? I love that as a shoulder bag on you!!!! It's a gorgeous color and just beautiful. I also didn't buy into the whole Sabrina/Audrey craze because I didn't like the shoulder bag look of it (now the satchel look on the other hand...:graucho::graucho::graucho:) but I just bought my first Audrey 2 weeks ago and it grew on me real fast. Congrats and enjoy!!
  12. I use my Large Sabrina on my shoulder lots. I am beginning to like it that way. Congrats on your gorgeous Sabrina. :smile:
  13. My favorite bag of all time! The Graphite is TDF. Looks good on you... enjoy her!!!
  14. Pretty bag!! Where did you find her? :smile:
  15. i love the colour and you carry it so well :smile:

    p.s. we have the same skinny :smile: