My long awaited Madeline has finally arrived!

  1. I was soooo nervous about this bag but fortunately, it was for no reason! Thank goodness I love it!! The color is very orangey but it's very rich and the leather is scrumptious so I'm OK with it not being red like I was hoping! I love the rolled handles and the way it fits on my shoulder. I can wear it on the crook of my arm easily too! I think this bag is fabulous and won't be waiting until Spring to carry it! LOL! So, here she is:



    And a modeling pic (which I hate because I'm looking pretty fluffy here!):

    I also exchanged for a large Carly but it's going to go back. It just is not comfortable on me at all. The strap slips on me no matter what I do. I hate to send it back too, I love the beet color so much. I don't even know what to exchange for at this point so I guess I'll just get credit and save it for later when new bags come out. I wish, wish, wish they'd produce another bag in this beet color because it's just so beautiful!
  2. CONGRATS!!! It is SO PRETTY!!!! Enjoy that new bag of yours. It looks great on you!! :yes::smile:
  3. That bag is SO beautiful :drool: Looks GREAT on you, so glad you love it.. congrats!!! :tup: :yahoo: :tup:
  4. That is such a classy bag! And she looks great on you... congrats & enjoy :tup:
  5. Your wait is finally over!:yahoo: Looks great and love the color:yes:
  6. Wow, that's really pretty! You'll love that bag!

    I agree about the Beet color. I couldn't make Carly work for me either but I LOVED the khaki/beet combo. We need a Bleecker Large Flap in Khaki/Beet, don't ya think?
  7. So Pretty! glad you love it!
    I love that you can wear it on your shoulder!!
  8. Congrats! I love that color and it looks great on you!
  9. It's gorgeous. congrats!
  10. OMG SHE'S GORGEOUS!! I'm so jealous lol!!! I want the same exact bag sooo bad and I was debating to get it in the red or the buckskin...but I love that red so much! Congrats, she looks GREAT on you!
  11. Wow how are you liking the straps on it so far? I like the bag!!
  12. YAY!!! It's so pretty!!! I love the color of this bag, and I am so happy that you like it!!!
  13. ^^ So far the straps are fine on me! I like that they are rolled! The straps stay put, both of them and don't slide down. For some reason, the Carly strap is not comfortable to me and slide like crazy but this bag sits well on my shoulder! I haven't removed the tag yet though so that I can wear it a little around the house first. And I do like carrying it on my arm too.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and complements!
  14. Bold and beautiful!!!
  15. Congrats on the gorgeous Madeline!! Geranium is so pretty and it looks great on you (you don't look "fluffy" at all!)! Sorry that the Carly didn't work, but hopefully, you'll fall in love with something else soon!