My long awaited baby has arrived!!!!!!!

  1. Here she is my original coco cabas in gray!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I have been waiting forever for this bag and I finally got her.:wlae: Sorry for the small pic.
    cabas 185x160.jpg
  2. Congrats, very lucky to have such a beautiful bag x
  3. Lovely! Well done you
  4. congrats, beautiful bag
  5. Love the bag, love the color! congrats.
  6. yummy!!!! how exciting. super congrats!!!
  7. wow congrats!!! that's one of my dream bag :drool:
    but i gave up for now and getting the black instead :p

  8. She's fabulous.....Congrats as it's my dream bag too~~
  9. nice- congrats !!!
  10. Congrats,

    I know that bag I highly coveted. I have to ask, where on earth did you find it, eBay?
  11. Congrats Ladybug! -enjoy it...
  12. Congrats! You will get lots of enjoyment out of that baby.
  13. Congrats!
  14. LOVELY!!:drool:
  15. ooh i like that colour!!! its pretty! congrats on finally getting your bag!