My London experience - Mini reveal -

Hey everyone :smile:
So when i was younger i used to go to London all the time, because my oldest sister studied in the London college of fashion!, But since she has left i don't go much anymore because i live in Wales. Anyway, me and my boyfriend had planned a trip to London for some xmas shopping and as it happens my PST lost a screw, so it was the perfect time to get it fixed. I visted Bond st Chanel and here is what i thought

Most of the sa's were actually not that nice, not horrible but quite cold, However, there was a lovely lady with short blonde hair who was so helpful, My bag was taken away by the less friendy s/a to be repaired, which only took 10 mins so that was great... I also had a good look around and didn't personaly think the bag collection was that great!, I liked the look of sloane st more... Finaly i couldn't leave without getting a little Chanel present .........:yahoo:


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Nov 26, 2009
Birkin Bliss
So glad u were successful in getting that dreaded screw replaced! Now let's see your Chanel treat!!!!!!!!!!
I am sorry for the lack of picture quality but i am taking them via my i-phone

I purchased this lovely brooch from Bond St, London it's only a small Chanel treat, but i couldn't resist leaving without a little something. I love the fact that i can put a chanel twist on most things now.. i can put it on my scarf, cardigans all sorts of thing's :smile:

I hope to get another Chanel bag soon but i am quite a newbie so i am working my way up slowly :smile: xx