My Lockit Twins!

  1. I'm really loving the lockit shape at the moment. Here are my fraternal twins!

  2. YAY!!!! finally :yahoo:
  3. Couturecreature, *STUNNING*! Finally launched here...thought it was never gonna come!
  4. Nice..congrats! :tup:
  5. Gorgeous purchases, yay Miroir has landed in Australia! :nuts: So when are you going to use the Miroir Lockit?? You are going to get tonnes of admiring stares :yes:
  6. Thanks guys, mwah! I don't think I will use it, this one's for the collection. I was going to call you today Mr D, to pick it up with me. But it was about 5.30 by the time I got there, and they close at 6. Our lovely manager called me yesterday and no one had even opened the box to peek at it, so the SAs were all very excited to see it.
  7. congrats!
  8. no use phoning me, im in Canberra at the moment. but i will be back in Melbourne on Sunday :yes: i might go visit our fave SA next week for any updates/refresher/gossip the usual.
  9. Do you know many made it to Australia (and to each city), CC?
  10. Oooh...let me know what you find out. She's off yesterday and today of course.
  11. I only know Sydney was the first to receive 2, and are getting more. Melbourne gets 2 in the Collins St store, and I doubt Crown is getting any. Brisbane is not getting any I heard, neither is Perth. Apparently a lot of Melbourne women are not happy they would not be getting the Miroir Lockit, esp as they missed out on the Miroir Speedy and Pap last year. I feel really lucky to have got both.:yes:
  12. They are gorgeous!
  13. They're lovely ! Any plans on adding more ? :graucho:
  14. beautiful! ;)
  15. The lockit is a great shape, I love both of yours, very nice!