My lock on the Birkin 30 too heavy?!

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  1. Hi - I just got a Birkin 30 in Mysore and something odd is happening that Im not sure if it will ruin the shape of my bag in the long run. All my other Birkins are in Togo or Epsom so Im not sure if it is due to the leather. This Birkin is about 3-4 weeks old, as in any of my Birkins, I put the lock on right when I receive it on the front where the lock goes. As time went on, I am seeing that the front panel of my bag starting to droop forward as if my lock is too heavy. Does anyone have that problem? Do I need to take the lock off each time after I use it? (That would be annoying.) If I leave the lock on, will it keep pulling the front panel forward?! Any advice would be great, thank you!
  2. This shouldnt happen. I'd say take your bag to H store to fix it.. When i just got my first B almost 3 years ago, i put the lock on the loop of the front panel and i kept it there for about 3-4 months or so (didnt take it off when storing it) and nothing bad happened. I finally took the lock off because i was afraid it'll leave a 'smiley face' on the front panel of the bag..
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    I'm having this problem too! I thought I was being paranoid but I'm glad you said it! I'm sort of avoiding putting the lock at the front anymore (even just on the handle rather than the turnlock itself) - the front of the bag just bends and I'm worried that it will affect its shape in the long turn. :sad:

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that my B is 35 in Togo
  4. Thinner leather, I surmise...

    Mysore is thinner, even epsom, rather all new bags seems to be thinner these days...
  5. So true !!
  6. any pictures please?

  7. I'm sorry this happened. Best is to bring it to H and see what they say. Technically, it's understandable that it happens because of the weight of the metal on a leather piece without any back support. Not good though for such an expensive bag.
  8. Thank you everyone ... here is a photo ... tell me if it's normal.
  9. I've always been told not to put the lock on the turnkey; it stresses the turnkey and eventually creates a permanent "smiley" in the leather. If it is causing the front of the bag to droop, you might want to consider placing it someone where else on the bag, from the clochette, or removing it entirely.
  10. I don't put any locks on my Bs anywhere but I also have this handle flopping over issue on my B35s in togo. It doesn't happen on my B30 and B35 in epsom. So don't think it is due to the lock. What I do is put the front handle through the back handle when it is standing upright so it doesn't flop over.
  11. Hmm this is wat I usually do too
  12. ^^^I do this too.
  13. Me three..
    I guess bag charms like Breloque or Olga are heavier than the lock.
    I always put Breloque on my Bs, only take it off when im storing my bags.. Sometimes the charms would stay on my B for weeks even months. Same like chincac though so far the handle flopping over issue only happens on my B35, not my B30s
  14. :tender: Please remove the lock :tender:

    Going with the assumption that your leather spec is thinner and a softer leather, top portion of the front panel needs to 'sustain' the weight of the handle and the turn lock.

    Over time, this side profile will be permanent, I would hate that in addition to the smilie...

    Maybe you can consider placing this lock on the back via a ribbon and hang it on the back?
    Just a thought^ I usually carry my bag w/ front facing inward and will add a charm there:P
  15. Ok thanks everyone. So I am assuming this is pretty normal and no need for me to be running back to the store with the bag. I guess Ill just carry it without the lock. Eck.