My local Coach Store is moving

  1. Into the space across the hall from them LOL!!!!! But the space is 3 times bigger and they're going to carry the entire line of handbags/accessories/shoes/makeup and everything I guess.
    When they open they'll be the largest store in Florida.:wtf:

    I am soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Are you talking about the palm beach gardens store?? I go to that store all the time when I visit my friend who lives north of West Palm Beach.
  3. that is so cool! at the mall i go to they also moved the coach store, i think the store is a little bit bigger. but i was on vacation the whole time it was moving so... at least u get to look forward to something!
  4. No, the Palm Beach Gardens store is bigger than our current store(wellington green)
    But the new one is even bigger than that
  5. Youre so lucky! The coach store by me did the same thing about a year ago and it is now a million times better! There is a whole area for trying on the footwear, a much bigger selection of sunglasses, a lot more mirrors to check yourself out in and much more room so that you dont feel like the SAs are constantly watching every move you make. I can actually try on a bunch of different bags without someone always being RIGHT there to tell me it looks great & start the whole sales pitch (I HATEEEE pushy SAs, and there are a LOT at my local store). Not to mention the much bigger selection!!! Youll love it!
  6. AHHH I hate when they do that. When I was there yesterday the male SA was trying way too hard to get me to buy the large sig. black Carly, and the black patent ergo hobo, (which was ugly as all heck) and all I kept telling him was I WANTED A WATCH. But they don't care. He drove me nuts. And to top it off a lady there had her kids with her and totally wasn't paying attention to them and the little girl climbed under one of the display tables and when I walked by she grabbed my ankles!!!! Freaked me out. I should have known going there on a SATURDAY was a BIG mistake. Oh well...... I walked out with my new B-E-AUITFUL watch :smile:
  7. Oh, ok. I haven't been to the wellington green store but when I go to Florida next summer I will definitely make it there!
  8. Our downtown one is doing the same, they are becoming a flagship store!
  9. Sorry girls but I think Coach should only sell handbags and nothing else. It doesn't make them a classy handbag store anymore in my opinion.