My LM Midi in Dark Grey is here!!!!!

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  1. Contessa,Which color LM did you buy?

    Here's what I think about the midi. I don't think it's going to have the same slouchiness as the LM because there is just less leather to slouch. I see your Point Contessa on that.

    But, I think it WILL have more slouch then the LMM. It will be somewhere in the middle, does that make sense?

    Okay, time to get back to packing. I"m looking too much at these pictures. LOL
  2. ^ Tru dat- about the slouch factor.

    My LM has a wonderful slouchiness to it.....both the dark grey and black crash have it and I wouldn't trade that in for anything.

    Now my "Confection-Perfection" (LMM in Fuschia w/ sh) does gather together, but I find when I wear it, it opens up. That's why I wanted the height as opposed to the width. I feel that even with the magnetic closure, that Midi is always going to look longer and that look just isn't turning my crank!

    I adore my mini LM....but I'm in love with the LM reg size. Toss in the 2 zips on the front (of which I use BOTH btw) and I'd say it's a pretty perfect bag. :yes:
  3. OKay, I just grabbed my choc LM and compared it to my choc LMM.

    Contessa, yes, your right re the slouchiness and the gathering. I love that about my LM and the LMM is more I would say, "boxy" then "slouchy". The LMM is cute, very cute though.

    I love how my LM gathers at the top which is the point I think your trying to bring out. But, I"m just not sure, if going with a smaller LM, would have given us that same look in any dimensions, not sure though:smile:
  4. Lovebags2 I'd be interested to hear what you think about the Midi.

    I love the gather effect with the LM.....was hoping the Midi would have that but I think that to get that look, the Midi would have to be taller than it is wider....that would also avoid that "boxy" look.

    Now git your sexy self off in vacation mode woman!!!!!! And have a martini or two on head is killing me today....must be the weather!

    Enjoy your vacation!!!! :flowers:
  5. Lovebags2 - here it is completely drawn together.

    Please bear in mind that the bag has still got all it's stuffing in and that it's not broken in yet!!!

    But, anyways, it'll give an idea!

    I don't think I will have it drawn completely most of the time (even though one could!) - stuff isn't going to fall out with the 2 magnetic snaps, so I'll probably have it the way it is in my original pics!!

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  6. Cornflower, you so sweet to post those pics for me! Whew. I think that looks closer to my LM then my LMM. I hope!!!

    Contessa, your too funny! Your so right though. Here I am worried about you ladies till the end..... Literally, we're leaving in a couple hours and I"m thinking if my input re dimensions was right or not. Bottomline, I"ll know when it arrives.

    BUT: based on those pictures, I think we're getting closer to the LM. Contessa, thoughts?;)
  7. To me that looks like an exact hybrid of the two. A gorgeous bag, BTW!
  8. Girl did you buy another LM dark grey after you sold your first one?
  9. I agree. And with it closed like that I think it does look more like the LM. She also has it stuffed with the paper so once you put your things in the bag there will be more room to gather it even more. Also like Cornflower said once you break it in I am sure it will close even more. I think this is the perfect bag for me!
  10. Thanks for all the pics Cornflower. You have been wonderful with every one of our requests. I love both the LMM and the LM. I think the bag looks like a bigger version of the mini which is still a gorgeous bag and probably one of the all time BE favorites, but I really was lusting after a Love Me type look. I think it must be the zippers that gives it that sexy chic look rather than a classic look.kwim? I love a classic look too but I have soooo many bags like that. I want one that looks sexy and fun. Does anyone know if Jackie would ever let me trade it for another? Considering how many people love the LMM, I've got to think that there are loads of people that want this look over what I'm looking for so she wouldn't have any problem selling it.:shrugs:
  11. ^ I just came back from a workout and have decided that I will probably keep my bag as a beautiful day bag. It is truly gorgeous and unique AND I know Jackie will probably never make this bag again. There is always the fall line and black crash to get that other look.

    Cornflower - that was so nice of you to give us such a great review. That bag looks gorgeous on you. You're so lucky that you live over there. The rest of us are probably a week behind you.
  12. Yes.
  13. Congrats! The leather on it looks sooo velvety and I love the color. The size looks a lot more useful then the smaller size as well! Thanks for posting all those modeling pics :smile:
  14. It is gorgeous and looks so good on you! Those modeling pics are great! I'm really loving that dark grey leather! I hope the glossy dark grey has the same great qualities.
  15. Aww darn girl, you had sellers remorse. I am sorry but at least you got it back!!!