My LM Midi in Dark Grey is here!!!!!

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  1. How does this compare to your IYT? I have the LM midi on the way and am considering the IYT
  2. I love it! It looks GREAT and the color is wonderful and looks fantastic on you, congrats! I second the messenger strap modeling pic request!
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big congrats!!!!!!!
  4. Oh it is just beautiful! It is everything we all wanted! I am so glad that you love it. Thank you for posting pics Cornflower! It just makes me even more excited about mine that is on the way! The bag looks great on you!
  5. Here are some more pics - this time using the messenger strap!

    Most are crossbody but the last one shows me wearing it on the same shoulder (iykwim!).

    I'm 5'6" if that helps!!

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  6. And .... here are even more pics!!!!

    This time beside my petrol IY Tote for comparison!!

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  7. Thanks sooo much for the messenger shots as well as teh comparison shots!! I must save up quickly so I can get my bag home quicker. It looks absolutely beautiful :smile:
  8. You're welcome!!!
  9. thank you!!
  10. A quick question for those with the dark grey, will there be color transfer when wearing dark denim? I find that matte leathers are more prone to color transfer, but not sure about BE matte leather as I have only the glossy. TIA!!
  11. Great pics Cornflower! Thanks for posting such detailed pics. I can't wait!
  12. I'm going to say that the bag is lovely.....the dark grey has got to be my fave leather and you all know that I LOVE Jackie and her handbags......

    BUT! and I know I'm not going to be very popular....and I will be outnumbered (which is ok!), I have to confess that I'm glad I sat this one out.

    To me, this Midi looks like a larger version of the mini and is again more wide than it is tall, which wasn't the look I was hoping for. I prefer the bag a smidge taller so that it gathers beautifully and closes with that gathered look.

    Just goes to show that I prefer the reg sized LM and I'm glad I was able to snag the last one on her site.

    I hope you enjoy it Cornflower and thanks for posting pics! Clearly, I remember you wanting those dimensions, so I hope it's everything you expected and more!!!

    What I'd love to see is a comparison shot of the LMM, and the LMMidi!
  13. Thanks Contessa! Yes I love it to bits! Now I know why it's a Love Me!

    I think it's great that there's a Love Me size for everyone so that everybody's happy! We're so lucky to have Jackie.

    I agree, I'd love to see the whole LM family of bags together - I wonder if anybody will have them all? I'd really like to see pics of that!!!!
  14. Hmm, I like the "gathered" look to Contessa!

    It's so hard to judge by even pictures, I thought, it had a similiar look to my LM, but, let me go take another look.....

    I'm wondering if maybe you close the drawstings a little, that's how you get that look? If you go to Jackie's website, the drawstings I thought were closed tightly to get that pretty effect.

    I don't know, maybe I'm wrong? Perhaps it won't gather as much either way.

    I guess, I'll just have to wait and see when it arrives! It would be hard for Cornflower to shed light on because she doesn't have a LM to compare it too...
  15. Cornflower, I don't want to ask you this, because you been just lovely posting all these pictures for us. But, if you get a chance, could you tighten the drawstings a bit and then take a picture?

    I have the LM and the LMM, so, I would better be able to compare if I can see what it looks like the way Jackie has her dark grey LM photographed from her website.:smile:

    No worries though, if you don't have time. My midi will arrive soon enough!

    Okay, I just was looking at one of Cornflower's pics that has the drawstrings closed tighter and I think it looks similar to my LM. I would say, closer to my LM then my LMM. Thoughts ladies?