My LM Midi in Dark Grey is here!!!!!

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  1. I can't believe it! I came back from the hairdressers and my neighbour had got my parcel for me!!!

    All I can say is :yahoo:and :drool: !!!!

    It is totally tdf!! The bag is gorgeous and I mean gorgeous!!

    It's the perfect size, the perfect colour and the perfect bag ever - I love it!

    The leather is just divine and has a definite chameleon like quality to it - depending on the light it is sometimes dark grey and sometimes a choc. tinge.
    I also think it's quite lightweight.

    It's got 2 magnetic snaps, one zip across the front and a detachable strap. The handles are like the LM.

    As I've only just got in, I've got to get my lunch now but I'll try to post some pics later on (with my trusty camera phone - but I'll do my best - I just hope they'll do it some justice!)

    Ladies, you will not be disappointed with this bag!!
  2. Oh My!!! I"m so happy to hear this report. Thank you so much for posting. Yes, I can't wait to see pictures later.

    How do you like the depth? Do you have a LM and/or LMM to compare it too?

    I knew this would be one very special bag!

    Do you like the 1 zipper instead of the 2?
  3. OMG are you serious??!!! I am screaming right now, I am so jealous (in a good way)! I can't WAIT To get mine! You have to take pics so we can live through you until we get ours!!

    Congrats and I am so glad that you are so happy with the bag! I need a full review!! Is it everything you hoped it would be??
  4. The depth is perfect - somewhere between 5" and 5 1/2".

    I haven't got either a LM or LMM to compare I'm afraid.

    I'm very happy with the one zip (as on my IY tote) - I don't think it could have taken 2 of them, well it might have done but it would have looked a bit squashed imo!

    I can just tell that it's going to soften up beautifully! I'm thrilled with it!
  5. It's also got 4 stud feet!
  6. Thanks for the report! I'm even more excited to get mine now.
  7. Oh Cornflower!! You must be thrilled you've finally got that baby in your hands!!! Patiently waiting to get mine now!! In your opinion as it seems you're the first to get it, how do you think it looks compared to the new TME? Do they pretty much look the same? AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
  8. I've managed to do some quick pics - they're not the greatest, but they'll have to do! Maybe someone can take better pics when theirs arrives?

    I don't think the colour is particularly representative in these pics compared to what it's like irl, but hopefully those ladies who have already got a dark grey in another BE bag will understand re. the colour!

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  9. Super jealous but super beautiful. Very happy for your cornflower! When you have a chance, modeling pics so I can see the size?
  10. Wow! This handbag looks like it's EXACTLY what everyone wanted. I agree, with Jackie, she had advised me to stay with the 1 zipper for this size bag. She mentioned that 2 would be too much and I trusted her judgement. She was right, the 1 looks, gorgeous.

    Also, I love how it has similiar dynamics to the LM on the top, how it slouches more then my LMM does.

    From these pictures, it looks just like my LM, just a little smaller and incredibly user friendly for a day bag! WOW again!!!!
  11. ack! Gorgeous!! You gals will love this leather- it ages beautifully....

    Congratulations - I love it! :heart:
  12. Oooh that is the perfect size! The LMM has always been too small for my liking, THAT is sooo awesome!

    Congrats :smile: its beautiful.
  13. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! You must be over the moon!
  14. Thanks ladies! :flowers:

    Here are some modelling pics to give a better idea of the size.

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  15. GORGEOUS!!! I am going to have to wait a while for mine, since I told Ashley to send my LMMs and SMMs first. I am soooo happy with the way it looks. Cornflowerblue, it looks GREAT on you!!

    Could you post a modeling pic with the messenger strap? Thanks!!