My Lizard Birkin is HERE!!!


Over the rainbow~~~
Apr 13, 2006
It's here!!!:yahoo: It has been on a really long journey, but it's finally here!!!

It's my first LIZARD BIRKIN! SA was so very right! It does not look like it can be dried out/ crack/ peeled off! Maybe only glazed ones have issues as we talked about...? I don't know...Matt. lizard is like just like croc. skin...I don't know how it can be peeled knwo what I mean...

It's dark brown...inbetween black and brown. It's matt. lizard but it's somewhat glittery! So, it has metallic look/effect!!!!!:heart: It's so classy and chic!

I never thought about getting a lizard Birkin before! I happen to put my name down for it, I was about to take my name off, but I gave it a try as SA and my mom strongly recommend it! It's amazing that how much stuff you can fit in that 25cm! It can hold everything I need and still some more room!

I can't stop looking at it. JUST LOVE IT:love: :heart: :yahoo: ! Thank you for letting me share my excitement with you guys!


Aug 22, 2006
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lovely - congrats! i adore reptile skins . . . so sleek and textured at the same time.

on another note, i can't help noticing TWO big orange boxes behind the birkin -- anything else you need to tell us about, hmmm?