My Lizard Birkin is HERE!!!

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  1. It's here!!!:yahoo: It has been on a really long journey, but it's finally here!!!

    It's my first LIZARD BIRKIN! SA was so very right! It does not look like it can be dried out/ crack/ peeled off! Maybe only glazed ones have issues as we talked about...? I don't know...Matt. lizard is like just like croc. skin...I don't know how it can be peeled knwo what I mean...

    It's dark brown...inbetween black and brown. It's matt. lizard but it's somewhat glittery! So, it has metallic look/effect!!!!!:heart: It's so classy and chic!

    I never thought about getting a lizard Birkin before! I happen to put my name down for it, I was about to take my name off, but I gave it a try as SA and my mom strongly recommend it! It's amazing that how much stuff you can fit in that 25cm! It can hold everything I need and still some more room!

    I can't stop looking at it. JUST LOVE IT:love: :heart: :yahoo: ! Thank you for letting me share my excitement with you guys!

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  2. Bigger picture
    Flash light...
  3. congrats... its a lovely little thing!
  4. It looks LOVELY! Perfect size and perfect color! Congratulations!
  5. YUMMMMMY!!!! congrats aspen!!! another great addition to ur already fabulous collection!!!!
  6. lovely - congrats! i adore reptile skins . . . so sleek and textured at the same time.

    on another note, i can't help noticing TWO big orange boxes behind the birkin -- anything else you need to tell us about, hmmm?
  7. OMG that is gorgeous Aspen!!! I love it! Congratulations
  8. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats aspen!! Can you take a pic of you carrying the bag at some point?? And please do tell about that other box lol!!!
  10. Oh my god - I LOVE Lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aspen, too gorgeous - I'm glad you got it!!!!!
  11. Wow! VERY nice! Congratulations.

  12. yeah, spill aspen!!
  13. Wow, it is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  14. Gorgeous! That is the perfect evening Birkin!
  15. Congratulations Aspen!! Gorgeous birkin!! Perfect color :smile:
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