my little world of bags...

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  1. Hi ladies and gents. I'm a newbie here in the purseforum. Been a handbag lover since I can remember. Started off with Sanrio (love hello kitty till now actually! :smile:) when I was young then to Benetton (the colorful bags), graduated to Lacoste and Polo sport / Polo Ralph Lauren in High school, that carried on to Univeristy, plus some additions of Nine west bags. Then came the love for Coach bags, bought my very first Coach (logo bucket bag and wallet) in HK when I travelled with my sis-in-law. I was very contented with my coach for a few years actually till I got married and my hubby would still buy me coach bag every now and then. :smile: Then one day I just thought that I wanted ONE premium designer bag, this was around 2005, I had my first baby already, I thought I should have an expensive bag as a reward! (if it actually makes sense! hahaha):giggles: I bought my very first LV speedy........and like many of you, this started the addiction to designer forward to 2012, I now have 3 beautiful girls and my little world of bags...

    all bags picture1.jpg
  2. Individual pictures and short story behind each, coming up...
  3. My very first LV Bag...I was torn between the mono and the azur, I think the azur just came out back then, so I decided to go with the latest arrival...

    azur speedy 30c.jpg
  4. this Alma mono is actually my moms, she passed it to me when she found out I was into designer bags already, she's more into shoulder bags...I have this since 2006 I think and I still love it to bits...

    alma mono1.jpg
  5. I bought this Lockit Epi in France, when I had my 2nd daughter...again, somewhat of a reward...She was I think 3 mos old then...2009...:smile:
    the lockit was actually not my favorite design but when I saw my sis-in-law's lockit in mono, I kinda fell for it...though I don't actually use it bag so much...thinking of selling but due to sentimental value, she will remain in this little;)

    epi lockitc.jpg
  6. my latest acquisition... I have to admit it was love at first sight with this bag, I was googling everynight and looking at photos...and when I finally saw it in real life and held it, it had to come home with me...bought it in France as speedy empreinte in aurore

    speedy empreintec.jpg

    Here's the LV group shot...
    LV familyc.jpg
  7. Very nice collection. The alma was my first LV handbag. I like your epi lockit, I think is classy and beautiful plus with a sentimental value.
  8. Now the story behind the Pradas...

    my very first prada, I bought this around after a year I bought the LV azur, I wanted a Prada bag and this caught my eye...I love this bag, it's so light, roomy and really classy...both in the same shopping center in Asia...
    prada black bagc.jpg

    This prada I bought in Italy in one of our travels last year it was like after 5 years then I got my 2nd Prada bag...

    prada brown tessuto bagc.jpg

    little did I know that there were more Pradas to come the following year...bought these 3 Pradas this year in Italy as well...(sorry I forgot to take a picture of the messenger bag, but it's included in the Prada group shot)

    prada calf leatherc.jpg

    prada small bagc.jpg

    Here's my Prada family...

    prada family picturec.jpg
  9. I had this Fendi bag when I started working, I thought that it's cute and that time I was into really small bags, so I found this bag when I was shopping one time...

    fendi small bagc.jpg

    I read a couple of months ago that the baguette is making a comeback, so when I chanced upon this Baguette in one of our trips a few months back, I thought I should have one of this style...I wasn't attracted to the color at first but everytime we pass by the store I would look at it and it would catch my attention but I didn't buy it still! but then my hubby bought a belt at the fendi store and when we went back to the hotel he found out it was too big for him (he was lazy to try it on), so we went back the next day and they didn't have the smaller size, he didn't liked anything in the store so he said that I can use the credit for his belt! so I thought this is a sign! That BAG was really meant for me!!! so here she is my Fendi quilted baguette...

    Fendi quilted baguettec.jpg
  10. Here's my one and only Lancel bag, bought in Nice when i went with my sister 2 years ago, she actually paid for this one as a birthday gift!...such a awesome sister right? :smile: Oh, and she got the premier flirt for herself...:smile:

    lancel bagc.jpg

    Also, my one and only Christian Dior bag (vintage), another bag of my mom that she gave me a couple of years back, actually I was always borrowing this bag from her back when I was in the university...

    vintage Christian dior bagc.jpg

    My Marc Jacobs easy tavi bag was bought in London 2 years ago, I needed a crossbody bag bigger that my coach and came across with this, it was on sale...who could refuse a SALE??? :graucho:

    Marc Jacobs easy tavi bagc.jpg
  11. my 2 coach bags (the only ones left from my coach collection)...
    coach beige bagc.jpg

    coach tote bagc.jpg

    This Kate Spade I got in Singapore, I was really attracted to the color and I love it's structed style...

    kate spade bagc.jpg

    That's about little world of bags...Thank you for taking time to view my collection...:smile:
  12. Nice collection!!!!
  13. You have a very nice collection!
  14. Wow, congrats on a great collection!
  15. Lovely collection!! Love that you got them all over the world.