My little visit to Maggie today...

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  1. Today I was shopping with my mom and my BF when I suggested we go to Coach so I could introduce them to my new friend Maggie. lol Well - my mom of course fell in love with the bag like I did and she agreed it was a beautiful dream bag.

    My BF was great and let us wander around the store "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing before exclaiming "I'm glad this is a small store!"

    As we left (we felt guilty he had to stand by while we oogled the merch..) we went to another store and my mom said "isn't shopping fun?!" and my BF goes "you guys weren't shopping Coach - you were LOITERING."

  2. LOL! I do the same thing. Ya, I guess it is loitering. It is much easier to be inconspicuous in a bust outklet than a boutique. :smile:
  3. HA! Loitering... and I bet fondling too.
  4. I did some more loitering this evening too. LOL Trying to decide if I want this bag or not. I left empty handed again (was there on Tues too) LOL.
  5. if thats the case, i loitered 3x and tried on too...and then left. at three different stores. and then i took the whole family back for confirmation and purchase:smile:
  6. I wish they would do the 25% coupon again - I'd get her in a heartbeat. I just can't spend that much right now. :sad:
  7. Haha cute story! So when are you getting Maggie? :graucho:
  8. I do it all the time... I work next to the only Flag Ship store in S FL and I go there 3 times a week.. I buy a Fob or two but mostly I hang out and talk
  9. lol! I can relate :P
  10. Perhaps this might convince the ladies in here to get one. :graucho:

  11. ^ OMG, that bag looks fantastic on you.
  12. Thank you, QueenLouis. ;) I'm very happy with it.
  13. strawberryblade, the Maggie looks great on you. :tup:

    My birthday is on the 19th and my husband purchased me the Cobalt Maggie. It arrived yesterday, but he won't let me even look at it for another 2 weeks. :crybaby: I did happen to see one in Dillards last weekend and I can't wait to use it. :sweatdrop:
  14. My mom and I did the same thing today. It backfired.
    Her Bday is in august I had enough money to buy her the bag she wanted: editorial Zoe. Now I'm gonna have to save like crazy. She decided that the Maggie was" made for her". I might have to include my brother on the gift because it is really pretty and it would be the perfect surprise.

    I hope there is a 25% discount before aug.
  15. Ha ha ha!!! That's torture. My husband did the same thing to me at Christmas last year. He bought me the Zoe Zip Around wallet and the worst thing about it is it's under the tree but I can't open the box.

    The Maggie is awesome. I love the Cobalt color but I can't carry it well. Please start a new thread with modeling pics. Let us know how it went with the gift giving. :yahoo: