My Little Treesje Collection (And Purge Story!)

  1. I do :biggrin: I think it's one of only two modeling pics I've uploaded. The bag is almost too small for me but I am able to cram my basics in there!


    I don't often break out the Clover Avalon but that needs to change! Maybe next season as I think it's a great spring color :p

    I won't say the bag is bad or anything... It's just not ideal for me because of it's size, weight, and amount of details. If you'd like I can take some pics or a quick video if you'd like to see what it really looks like? Let me know :winkiss:
  2. Thanks's adorable. Does the color show up much in doors? It's so cute!!!
  3. I think the navy color is really pretty. The glazed navy Metro clutch is much closer to a black but the mini Asher looks more blue to me. It's not my favorite bag (just because of its size) but it may be my favorite COLOR. The leather just looks rich :cloud9:
  4. Oh, your Asher looks divine on you! I know what you mean about how much it holds...I know it's adequate but I'm turning into a pack rat these days...won't do for the flat smallish-medium Asher.

    If you really have the time, I'd love to see more photos of your Timoro Divino Grande...I swear I'm loving Timoro these days. At Muse Ten, I've been looking at the Oceano & Bordeaux Divinos...I'm sure I won't buy but it's fun to look & imagine. It's probably the sort of bag I'd own but never carry.