My Little Treesje Collection (And Purge Story!)

  1. Taylor Satchel in Black Shine


  2. Asher in Fuchsia

  3. Gorgeous bags Jennifer. I love your purses. They are beautiful. Congratulations.
  4. I'm SO gonna be a copy-cat and do this for my shoes and purses...maybe even some of my clothes. This is PERFECT!!!!! Expecially for me, Little Miss (dis)organized. I forget about the things I have cuz I have too much and can't see them/remember them all. FANTASTIC idea! Thank You!!!
  5. You're so welcome! I have to tell you - that little flip book has come in AMAZINGLY handy for a few reasons.

    First, It reminds me of what I have because, like you, I don't remember everything so I tend to grab one of my "go to" bags or put on the same shoes over and over. I'm also always running late so it gives me a quick view of everything (and often helps me avoid grabbing the black Asher again :lol:). I sometimes stand in front of the mirror and flip through it to look at the outfit and decide what the wear/carry.

    Second, it helps me keep track of details. On the back of each card (before I laminate them) I bullet out the brand, style, color, material, and retail price. On the shoe cards I also write if they're open or closed toe.

    Third, it keeps me from buying stuff that's too similar to what I already have. More than once I've been tempted to get something but then grabbed the book, looked at the card (which I sort by color), only to realize hey - you don't need this you fool, you already have stuff in that color or style :lecture:

    LOL I hope you have fun with your project!
  6. WOW..I am very excited now! As soon as I finish my move from Queens to Brooklyn...which is taking a loooonggg time, I will be right on this! I'm like living in both places right now--I'm kind of a hot mess right now. I think whatever I do have out now, I can photograph, and I'm going to start making lists so that when I get all my things together I can type it all up and such.

    Do you use stock photos or pics of your actual "merchandise"?! lol Do you also have the item's condition listed as well? Like if you knew an item was on a "decline", maybe it will help you when you want to get a replacement or something similar.
  7. I mostly use my own photos but there are one or two that are stock pics when I was in a rush. I don't list the condition on the cards.

    Best of luck with the move!!! I hope it's over soon :smile:
  8. Thanks babe!!! I will def let you know how my new project turns out. Just have to figure out when I can start it! lol.
  9. seriously, before I just thought I was the only one wi problem. now each time I read a forum for different designer I think 'oh well, i'm not the only one.' like that makes it ok.
    so guess what? i bought not one but two Treesje bags today. they were on sale on one of my online addiction sites. oh man.

    but i also need to mind review my purses BEFORE I BUY to figure out if i need a style or a color since i have so much. truthfully, i don't know how many bags i have 20+? not to mention lots of travel/overnight and carry on bags and luggage. so this fab catologuing idea seems just perfect. thanks for sharing the idea and photos of how it works. For me biggest problem is outfits and accessories to pack when I travel which is often. I inevitably end up with outfit without bag or right shoes or vice versa. This would be a great way to organize.

    i just started photographing my RMinkoff bags today. maybe i'll get inspired and do a few others tomorrow. Plus I now - in addition to the two Treesje - I have a new Balenciaga and previously loved red LV which I pick up at my sister's in when I travel to US this January. Can't wait!

    i still think TPF is dangerous. Really good for the soul but dangerous for my budget (ha, what budget?)
  10. Haha it's a slippery slope with bags, isn't it! :lol: Congrats on your new Treesjes. I hope you'll post pics when you get them!

    The cataloging really helps me. Next to do? The same for my fine jewelry. That's more for tracking purposes than helping with my outfits for me, though, so I haven't decided if it will be a flip book or something in a document. I have a mix of real and costume jewelry and I fear that if I don't start making some good records I won't remember which is which a few years down the road. (I also have this concern that if I get hit by a bus and my family is trying to sort through my mess it'll drive them crazy!)
  11. Thank you for sharing. I love your collection, my fav being the pumpkin asher. Ugh I totally have to do a purge as well. I have so many bags I don't use. I have been wanting to take pics of my bags so that I know what I can wear a certain bag with.
  12. jennifer, so you have a modeling pic of your navy mini asher?
  13. Wow great Treesje collection! I have 40 designer bags from all different designers but I'm too lazy to post them all in my collection album on TPF. I'm kinda done with buying anymore bags. I have quite a lot of RM's bags.
  14. Hi again! Did I tell you I'm a not so secret lover of Green Bags!? I love your clover is such a happy, beautiful shade of green. I once considered getting the Treesje Harper clutch in green - I'm guessing the colour was also clover but not sure.

    Loving your Stone Shine avalon, too...all your Asher satchels and all your Metro clutches!!!!!
  15. Maybe it's because I love the colour Timoro so much, but this bag is still looking pretty good in this stock photo! Was the bag just too big & bulky to use...I'm thinking *messy/fussy to use* or like over-kill ?